Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999

Azevedo, Celso O., 2017, Review of Dissomphalus Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae) from Panama, with key to the Central American species, Zootaxa 4335 (1), pp. 1-72 : 55-56

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4335.1.1

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Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999


Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999

( Fig 190–194 View FIGURES 184 – 197 )

Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999a: 350 –351, 380–381, 390; (♂, holotype from Costa Rica, CNCI, figs 112–116, 193–194); Azevedo, 2003: 62 View Cited Treatment .

Diagnosis. Mandible bidentate. Clypeus trapezoidal. Tergal process with shallow and large depression with pair of joined tuft of long setae backward. Hypopygium with posterior margin with three small concavities. Genitalia: paramere with apex arched inward and truncate; aedeagal ventral ramus slightly longer than aedeagal dorsal body narrow, diverging dorsally; inner margin sinuous and parallel; outer margin with broad median concavity; aedeagal dorsal body with two pairs of apical lobes; outer lobe laminar with rounded apex; inner lobe stout densely setose. Apodeme extending beyond genital ring.

Remarks. This species is known to Mexico (Chiapas, Vera Cruz), Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama ( Azevedo 1999a) and here more specimens are added. Some variations are worth to mention: metasoma light castaneous; median clypeal tooth angulate; aedeagal ventral ramus as longer as aedeagal dorsal body; volsella with rounded expansion medially and some specimens without it.

Material examined. Holotype, ♂, COSTA RICA, San Coto de Vito Brus: Las Cruces , 1200m, 2–9.ix.1982, Malaise trap, B. Gill col. ( CNCI) . PANAMA , Chiriqui: 4♂, 15 km NW Hato del Volcano , 1200 m, [08°46'N, 82°38'W], 24–31.V.1997, Peck & Howden [col.] ( CNCI) GoogleMaps ; 6♂, Res [erva Florestal] La Fortuna, Viveno , [08°41'27"N, 82°14'12"W], 14–18.VI.1994, A. R. Gillogly [col.] ( CNCI) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, water shed, hydro trail, 1100 m, [08°44'21"N, 82°14'36"W], 24.I.1994 – 27.I.1994, D. M. Windson [col.] (CNCI); 1♂, Finca La Suiza near Hornitos , [08°40'N, 82°14'W], 2–6.VI.2000, F[light] I[nterception] T[rap], H. & A. Howden [col.] ( CNCI) GoogleMaps ; 1♂, Santa Clara, Finca Hartman, Ojo de Agua , [08°51'38"N, 82°44'44"W], 8–9.XI.2001, M[alaise] T[rap], N. Schiff [col.] ( UCDC) GoogleMaps ; Veraguas: 1♂ , Pr [ovincia] Santa Fé] , Santa Fé, Altos De Piedra , [08°31'5"N, 81°06'30"W], 13–17 nov. 1999, Tr [ampa] Malaise, A. Santos, P. González [col.] ( MIUP) GoogleMaps ; Coclé Pr [ovincia]: 2♂ , El Copé, Par[que] Nac [ional General de División] Omar Torrijos H[errera], 570 – 670 m.s.n.m., [08º41'56"N, 80º39'17"W], 26–30 sep. 1999, Tr [ampa] Malaise, A. Santos, P. González [col.] ( MIUP) GoogleMaps ; Panamá Pr [ovincia]: 1♂, P[arque] N[atural] Metropolitano , [08º59'33"N, 79º32'41"W], 24 ago. –3 sep.1999 ( MIUP) GoogleMaps ; Darién Pr [ovincia]: 33♂ , P[arque] N[acional] Darién, Pirre, Est [ación] Rancho Frio , 80 m, [08°00'N, 77°45'W], 16 nov–17 ene 2001, Malaise, R. Cambra, A. Santos [col.] (26♂) GoogleMaps , 1000 m, 21 mar–4 ab 2000, Cambra, Santos, Bermudez [col.] (5♂) and 580 m (1♂) (MIUP), 1450m, 4–7. vi. 1995, F[light] I[ntrception] T[rap] J. Ashe, R. Brooks (1♂) (UFES); 1♂, Nusagandi Sta [tion] n[ea]r Columbia INA Igar Trail , [08°58'N, 79°32'W], 12–13.V.1994, A GoogleMaps . Windson [col.] (CNCI).

Distribution ( Fig. 247 View FIGURES 244 – 249 ). Mexico (Vera Cruz and Chiapas), Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama.


Canadian National Collection Insects


R. M. Bohart Museum of Entomology


Culture Collection of the Institute of New Antibiotics














Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999

Azevedo, Celso O. 2017

Dissomphalus unitus Azevedo, 1999a : 350

Azevedo 2003: 62
Azevedo 1999: 350
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