Costatrichia dietrichi Thomson and Armitage, 2018

Thomson, Robin E. & Armitage, Brian J., 2018, The Trichoptera of Panama. VI. Seven new species of microcaddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae) from Mount Totumas Cloud Forest and Biological Reserve, Insecta Mundi 613, pp. 1-15 : 3

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Costatrichia dietrichi Thomson and Armitage

sp. n.

Costatrichia dietrichi Thomson and Armitage , sp. n.

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Diagnosis. Costatrichia dietrichi is most similar to C. zopilote Holzenthal and Harris. In both of these species, the phallus bears a pair of large dorsal sclerites and the membranous apex curves strongly dorsad. Both species also bear large, stout apical spines on the lateral process of sternum VIII. C. zopilote bears 3 of these spines ( Holzenthal and Harris 1999), while C. dietrichi bears only 2.

Male. Forewing length 2.2–2.7 mm (n = 15). Head unmodified, with 3 ocelli; antennae unmodified. Tibial spur count 1, 3, 4. Color in alcohol brown, denuded. Genitalia. Abdominal sternum VII with simple, pointed mesoventral process. Sternum VIII anterolateral margin with 2 digitate lateral processes bearing large, stout spines; in ventral view with posterior margin concave. Segment IX anterolateral margin convex, posterolateral margin convex, with posterolateral process bearing 2 apical setae; in dorsal view anterior margin concave, posterior margin shallowly concave. Inferior appendage with apical digitate projection bearing single seta; in ventral view fused basally. Tergum X with dorsal sclerite semielliptic with crenulate posterior margin; ventral sclerite semielliptic with rounded mesal production on posterior margin; membranous apex subquadrate in dorsal view. Phallus tubular basally, constricted at midlength with median complex bearing basal loop and pair of spherical dorsal “windows”; apex large, membranous, bearing pair of dorsolateral sclerites with rounded apices.

Type material. Holotype male— PANAMA: Chiriquí Province: Cuenca 102 (Río Chiriquí Viejo ), Quebrada Norte , Mount Totumas Biological Reserve , 8.873613°N, 82.690512°W, Malaise trap, 18–23.v.2015, J. Dietrich and B. Armitage ( COZEM) GoogleMaps . Paratypes —ibid., 30–31.viii.2015, 10 males ( COZEM) GoogleMaps ; ibid., 26.iv–10.v.2015, 4 males ( BJA) GoogleMaps .

Etymology. Named in honor of Jeffrey Dietrich, owner and operator of Mount Totumas Cloud Forest and Biological Reserve, in recognition of his many contributions to our study there.

Genus Metrichia Ross. Twenty-two species of the genus Metrichia were previously known from Panama, ten of which were originally described from there and eight of which are currently endemic. Herein we add two new species from Mount Totumas.




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