Conostegia lancifolia (Markgraf) C.E. Schnell ex Kriebel,

Kriebel, Ricardo, 2016, A Monograph of Conostegia (Melastomataceae, Miconieae), PhytoKeys 67, pp. 1-326: 128-129

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Conostegia lancifolia (Markgraf) C.E. Schnell ex Kriebel

comb. et stat. nov.

Conostegia lancifolia (Markgraf) C.E. Schnell ex Kriebel  comb. et stat. nov.

Conostegia lancifolia  (Markgraf) C.E. Schnell ex Kriebel. Basionym: Conostegia centronioides var. lancifolia  Markgraf, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 15: 377. 1941. Type: Ecuador. Mera: 1000 m, 8 November 1938, H. Schultze-Rhonhof 2966 (B, destroyed). Neotype designated here: Ecuador. Pastaza: between Mera and Moravia, 1000 m, 16 December 1955, E. Asplund 18868 (holoneotype: NY!).


Shrubs or small trees 1-5 m tall with tetragonal to rounded stems which are covered predominantly by stipitate stellate trichomes; nodal line present, somtimes obscured by indument. Leaves at a node equal to unequal in size. Petiole 0.4-1.8 cm. Leaf blades 5-17 × 2-6 cm, 3-5 slightly plinerved, elliptic to lanceolate, rounded to subacute at the base, the apex and acuminate, margins entire to undulate-denticulate, glabrous adaxially, pubescent mainly on the primary veins abaxially with indument like that of the stems. Inflorescence a terminal panicle 4-9 cm long branched above the base but sometimes appearing branched at the base because of multiple inflorescences arising at opposing meristems at the terminal node, accessory branches absent or present. Bracts and bracteoles 1.5-3 mm long, linear. Pedicels 1-3 mm long. Flowers 7-9 merous, calyptrate. Floral buds 6-9.5 × 3-6.5 mm, ovoid to obovoid, slightly constricted below the calyptra, the hypanthium and calyptra undifferentiated; hypanthium 3-3.5 × 3.75-4.25 mm, pubescent with sessile and/or stipitate stellate trichomes. Petals 8-10 × 5-6 mm, white, obtriangular, posture not seen, glabrous on both surfaces, emarginate apically. Stamens 30-42, 7-8 mm long, the filament 4-4.5 mm, apparently white, anthers 3-3.5 × 0.5-0.75 mm, linear subulate, pale yellow (in rehydrated specimen), the pore ca. 0.18 mm, terminal to slightly ventrally inclined. Ovary 11-12-locular, inferior, glabrous and forming a collar around the style base; style ca. 7.5-8 mm, gently bending from the base, glabrous, the style appears to be exserted but difficult to assess in the rehydrated material as well as if it is bent opposite the stamens or not, stigma capitate, ca. 2 mm wide. Mature berry not seen.


(Fig. 122View Figure 122). Southeastern foothills of the Andes in Ecuador at 800-1200 m in elevation.

Schnell (1996) noted that as like for Conostegia centronoides  , the holotype of Conostegia centronoides var. lancifolia  was lost during the war in Berlin. I concur with Schnell (1996) in that the description of the latter including stipitate stellate hairs and narrowly ovate leaves matches topotypical material which Schnell cited as the neotype (E. Asplund 18868). For this reason and because the work of Schnell (1996) wasa not published, the neotypification is made here. Schnell (1996) included in his circumscription of Conostegia lancifolia  the decurrent leaved and large leaf blade plants here referred to as Conostegia ortizae  . Schnell pointed out that if intermediates between the two morphotypes did not arise they might as well be called subspecies or species. Considering they are easy to distinguish they are here proposed as different species.

Specimens examined.

ECUADOR. Morona-Santiago: 2-4 km N of Arapicos, Lugo 5957 ( NY); along Río Palora 2-5 km downstream from Arapicos, Lugo 5990, 6047 (NY)  . Napo-Pastaza: Mera, Asplund 19348 ( NY); between Mera and Moravia, Asplund 18868 ( NY); Mera, Harling 3697, 3701 ( NY); Mera , Isidro Ayora, Harling 19723 ( NY); Rio Tigre , in the vicinity of Mera , Lugo 853 ( NY); Puyo, Prescott 384 ( NY)  .














Conostegia lancifolia (Markgraf) C.E. Schnell ex Kriebel

Kriebel, Ricardo 2016

Conostegia lancifolia

C. E. Schnell ex Kriebel 2016

Conostegia centronioides var. lancifolia

Kriebel 2016