Monteithophila queenslandana Schuh, Štys, and Cassis, 2015

Schuh, Randall, Štys, Pavel, Cassis, Gerasimos, Lehnert, Margaret, Swanson, Dustin & Bruce, Terri, 2015, New genera and species of Plokiophilidae from Australia, Fiji, and Southeast Asia, with a revised classification of the family (Insecta: Heteroptera: Cimicoidea), American Museum Novitates 2015 (3825), pp. 1-1 : 1-

publication ID 10.1206/3825.1

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Monteithophila queenslandana Schuh, Štys, and Cassis

new species

Monteithophila queenslandana Schuh, Štys, and Cassis , new species

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DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the features listed in the generic description and the largely castaneous coloration. Distinguished from M. fijiensis , new species, by the less intensely castaneous coloration and the apparently smaller eyes in that species as well as its occurrence in Fiji.

DESCRIPTION: General coloration castaneous, pronotal collar, costal margin of hemelytron, and antennal segment 1, contrastingly lighter (fig. 1A, B).

Measurements, holotype male: total length 2.41, length head 0.25, length pronotum 0.35, width head 0.33, interocular distance 0.21, width pronotum 0.67.

Measurements, paratype female: total length 2.23, length head 0.20, length pronotum 0.27, width head 0.34, interocular distance 0.23, width pronotum 0.67.

ETYMOLOGY: Named for it occurrence in Queensland, Australia.

BIOTIC ASSOCIATION: Some specimens have been collected from the webs of spiders, but no precise identifications of the hosts are available on the labels.

DISTRIBUTION: Australia: Queensland.

DISCUSSION: See generic discussion under Monteithophila and under M. fijiensis for comments on size of eyes.

HOLOTYPE: AUSTRALIA: Queensland: Kirrama, near Smoko Creek , 18.18333°S 145.75°E, 600 m, 09 Mar 2002, C. Jander, 1♂ ( AMNH _ PBI 00160115 View Materials ) ( QM). GoogleMaps

PARATYPES: AUSTRALIA: Queensland: N. E. Queensland: Peeramon Scrub , 17.31667 ° S 145.61667 ° E, 750 m, 09 Dec 1995, G. B. Monteith, 1♂ ( AMNH _ PBI 00291249 View Materials ) ( QM). 3k W of Bones Knob, 17.21667 ° S 145.4167 ° E, 1100 m, 10 Dec 1995, Monteith, Cook, Thompson, 1♀ ( AMNH _ PBI 00291257 View Materials ) ( AMNH), 4♂ ( AMNH _ PBI 00291250 View Materials - AMNH _ PBI 00291253 View Materials ) GoogleMaps ,


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