Ardila-Camacho, Adrian & García, Alexander, 2015, Mantidflies of Colombia (Neuroptera, Mantispidae), Zootaxa 3937 (3), pp. 401-455: 451

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Buyda  species inquirenda

( Fig. 25View FIGURE 25, Map 3)

Specimens examined. Colombia: Antioquia: Medellín, 06° 13 ’N – 75 ° 34 ’W, 1479 m, VI. 1959, on Zea mayz  (1 ♀— MEFLG); Sucre: Colosó, Montes de María, II. 2012, J. Noriega, light trap in forest (2 ♀— ANDES-E).

Remarks. Since only three females of this species were studied, the observed evidence was not enough to attribute them to B. phthisica  even though their morphological characters clearly distinguish them from the latter. Only when male specimens will be studied, it may be determined whether this species is a new species or it falls within the range of intraspecific variation of B. phthisica  . This species has a body pigmentation pattern consisting of a mixture of dark brown and pale yellow, wings completely hyaline and female genitalia with sternite VIII subrectangular in ventral view.

Distribution. Antioquia and Sucre.


Museo Entomologico Francisco Luis Gallego