Chelostoma rapunculi (Lepeletier 1841),

Noel, Gregoire, Bonnet, Julie, Everaerts, Sylvain, Danel, Anouk, Calderan, Alix, de Liedekerke, Alexis, de Montpellier d'Annevoie, Clotilde, Francis, Frederic & Serteyn, Laurent, 2021, Distribution of wild bee (Hymenoptera: Anthophila) and hoverfly (Diptera: Syrphidae) communities within farms undergoing ecological transition, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 60665-60665: 60665

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Biodiversity Data Journal by Pensoft

scientific name

Chelostoma rapunculi (Lepeletier 1841)


Chelostoma rapunculi (Lepeletier 1841) 

Ecological interactions

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Oligolectic on Campanulaceae 

Conservation status

Least Concern


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