Solidago fistulosa Mill.

Howell, Nathan, Krings, Alexander & Braham, Richard R, 2016, Guide to the littoral zone vascular flora of Carolina bay lakes (U. S. A.), Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 7964-7964: 7964

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Solidago fistulosa Mill.


Solidago fistulosa Mill.  

Solidago fistulosa   Taxon concept: [= RAB, GW, FNA, Weakley]


Bay Tree Lake (Rare): Howell BATR−64, 65 (NCSC!)

Horseshoe Lake: Buell 2266 (NCSC!)


Perennial herbs. Eulittoral zone; saturated peaty to sandy soils at or just below the mean annual high water mark (CPSI−CG). Aug−Nov. Fig. 124