diabolica species group

Bartholomay, Pedro R., Williams, Kevin A., Luz, David R., Cambra, Roberto A. & Oliveira, Márcio Luiz de, 2019, Traumatomutilla André miscellanea: Revision of the bellica, bifurca, diabolica, and vitelligera species groups, and a new group for the new species T. pilkingtoni Bartholomay and Williams (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae: Sphaeropthalminae: Dasymutillini), Insecta Mundi 709 (709), pp. 1-37 : 29

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diabolica species group


diabolica species group  

Diagnosis. The females of this species group can be separated from the other groups lacking posterolateral head tubercles by their simplified mesosoma: the scutellar scale is narrow; anterior transverse carinae and the, longitudinal mesonotal carina are absent the lateral mesonotal margins are rounded; the genal carina is present; and the femoral apices rounded.

Included taxon. Traumatomutilla diabolica ( Gerstaecker, 1874)   .

Distribution. Bolivia and Argentina.

Remarks. Williams et al. (2017) stated that the overall morphology of T. diabolica   made it impossible to place this species in one of the more diverse large-bodied species groups such as the indica, juvenilis, and quadrinotata species groups. Discovery of males of this and other groups are necessary to understanding relationships within the genus.