Emesini, Amyot & Serville, 1843

Gil-Santana, Hélcio R. & Ferreira, Rodrigo Lopes, 2017, A new species of Dohrnemesa and a new species of Polauchenia from Brazil (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Emesinae), Zootaxa 4338 (2), pp. 201-240: 202

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Tribe Emesini 

When describing Dohrnemesa, Wygodzinsky (1945) considered this genus to be close to Polauchenia  , pointing out that the main differences between them were the absence of tubercles or spined humeri and the presence of a free short vein emitted from the base of the basal cell of the forewing in Dohrnemesa. Presence/absence of a short free vein at the base of the basal cell of the forewing, in Dohrnemesa and Polauchenia  respectively, is the main character that separates these genera in the key to genera of the Emesini  presented by Wygodzinsky (1966). Additionally, on the basis of this characteristic alone, this author transferred Polauchenia reimoseri Wygodzinsky, 1945  to Dohrnemesa, making the assumption that possession of two veins emitted from the base of the basal cell indicated that this species belonged to the latter genus.