Clerodendrum thomsoniae Balf.f.,

DeFilipps, Robert A. & Krupnick, Gary A., 2018, The medicinal plants of Myanmar, PhytoKeys 102, pp. 1-341: 95-96

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Clerodendrum thomsoniae Balf.f.


Clerodendrum thomsoniae Balf.f. 


Myanmar: tike-pan, taik-pan-gyi. English: bag-flower, bleeding-heart vine, glory tree, tropical bleeding heart.


West and West-Central tropical Africa. Cultivated in Myanmar.


Plant used for medicinal purposes (exact uses not given in Nordal 1963).


Other members of the genus are reported as used medicinally in India, China, Thailand, Korea, and Japan for the treatment of such diseases as syphilis, typhoid, cancer, jaundice, and hypertension ( Shrivastava and Patel 2007).

Major chemical compounds have been reported from this genus. These include phenolics, steroids, di- and tri-terpenes, flavonoids, volatile oils, etc. ( Shrivastava and Patel 2007).


Nordal (1963).