Acalypha burmanii I.Montero & Cardiel.,

Munoz, Iris Montero, Cardiel, Jose Maria & Levin, Geoffrey A., 2018, Nomenclatural review of Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae) of the Western Indian Ocean Region (Madagascar, the Comoros Archipelago, the Mascarene Islands and the Seychelles Archipelago), PhytoKeys 108, pp. 85-116: 85

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Acalypha burmanii I.Montero & Cardiel.

nom. nov.

3. Acalypha burmanii I.Montero & Cardiel.  nom. nov.

Tragia filiformis  Poir., Encycl. 7: 727. 1806. Acalypha acuminata  Vahl ex. Baill. Adansonia 1: 267. 1861 nom. illeg., non. A. acuminata  Benth. (1854).


Madagascar?: s.l., s.d., Herb. de Lamarck. s.n. (holotype: P-LAM [P00367371]!).


Madagascar (Antsiranana).


Müller Argoviensis (1865: 40) as A. spiciflora  Burm.f.; Müller Argoviensis (1866: 867) as A. spiciflora  ; Baillon (1891: tab. 188) as A. acuminata  Vahl. ex Baill.; Baillon (1892: 1004) as A. acuminata  ; Heckel (1903: 198) as A. acuminata  ; Palacký (1907: 24) as A. acuminata  ; Pax and Hoffmann (1924: 137) as A. spiciflora  ; Leandri (1942: 269) as A. spiciflora  .


Acalypha burmanii  is proposed as a new name for Tragia filiformis  Poir. We cannot combine T. filiformis  under Acalypha  because it is blocked by A. filiformis  Poir., nor can we use the illegitimate name A. acuminata  Baill. See also comments under the excluded species A. spiciflora  .