Cerocephalinae Gahan, 1946

Blaeser, Marcel, Krogmann, Lars & Peters, Ralph S., 2015, Two new fossil genera and species of Cerocephalinae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Pteromalidae), including the first record from the Eocene, ZooKeys 545, pp. 89-100: 90-92

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Cerocephalinae Gahan, 1946


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Pteromalidae

Subfamily Cerocephalinae Gahan, 1946  


Intertorular area with prominence that can be a carina or tooth-shaped (also referred to as inner antennal process (iap)). Fore wing disc bare or with setae reduced to setal bases (pilose only in Pteropilosa   gen. n.), with marginal fringe, fore wing always with thickened juncture between marginal vein and submarginal vein (parastigma), marginal vein elongate, postmarginal and stigmal vein shortened, postmarginal vein usually shorter than stigmal vein. Mesonotum with complete notauli. Hind tibia with two spurs.

Key to extant and fossil genera of Cerocephalinae  

This key is modified after Krogmann (2013) and includes the two new fossil genera described herein.