Amperaturus globulipes, Smit, Harry, 2017

Smit, Harry, 2017, New species of aturid water mites from southern Africa (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Aturidae), Zootaxa 4273 (2), pp. 287-295 : 295

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4273.2.9

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Amperaturus globulipes

sp. nov.

Amperaturus globulipes new species

( Fig 4 View FIGURE 4 A–D)

Material examined. Holotype male, Small forest stream, Mount Sheba, S of Pilgrimsrest, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa, 24° 56.416 S 30° 42.334 E (Google Earth by approximation), 8-xi-2016 ( BMSA). GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. As for subgenus.

Description. Male: Idiosoma reddish, dorsally 474 long and 393 wide, ventrally 517 long. Integument with large papillae. Dorsum with five large plates: a large anteromedial plate, a larger posteromedial plate, a pair of lateral anterior and posterior plates of similar size and a larger pair of medial lateral plates. A pair of tiny platelets, barely more than sclerotized glandularia are located behind the posterior lateral plates. Anteromedial dorsal plate 186 long, posteromedial dorsal plate 251 long. Tips of first coxae extending well beyond anterior idiosoma margin. Coxoglandularia 4 lying on posterior suture line of fourth coxae. Gonopore 106 long. Genital field with 11 pairs of acetabula, the two anterior pairs noticeably larger than posterior pairs. A pair of glandularia flanking the genital field. Length of P1–5: 28, 60, 50, 96, 36. P-2 with a rectangular anteroventral extension. Ventral margin of P-4 with one stout and one thin seta. Length of I-leg-4–6: 88, 96, 100 (to tip of segment). Length of IV-leg-4–6: 132, 140, 140 (to tip of segment). Fourth leg modified as described for subgenus. IV-leg-3 and -5 each with two swimming setae (but one of the two swimming setae of IV-leg-3 visible only partially). Leg claws with dorsal clawlet and without claw blade.

Female: Unknown.

Etymology. Named for the globular shape of IV-leg-5.


National Museum Bloemfontein

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