Centrophorus uyato, Rafinesque, 1810

Fernando, Daniel, Bown, Rosalind M. K., Tanna, Akshay, Gobiraj, Ramajeyam, Ralicki, Hannah, Jockusch, Elizabeth L., Ebert, David A., Jensen, Kirsten & Caira, Janine N., 2019, New insights into the identities of the elasmobranch fauna of Sri Lanka, Zootaxa 4585 (2), pp. 201-238 : 231

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4585.2.1

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Centrophorus uyato


Centrophorus uyato

( Figs. 5E View FIGURE 5 , 18 View FIGURE 18 D–F)

A single specimen (SL-96) of a second species of Centrophorus was also collected at the deep-sea longline landing site in Mutur in the Eastern Province. This specimen, which has been deposited in the BRT Ichthyology Collection (BRT-I 0026), is morphologically consistent with photographs of a specimen of Centrophorus uyato from Norway presented by Wienerroither et al. (2015) in a paper synonymizing the latter species with Centrophorus zeehaani White, Ebert & Compagno from Australia. In our molecular analysis, the specimen from Sri Lanka was identical in NADH2 sequence to both a paratype of C. zeehaani (CSIRO H 6628-03; JQ519054 View Materials ) and a specimen ( JQ518946 View Materials ) referred to as C. cf. zeehaani by Naylor et al. (2012a) from Portugal that Wienerroither et al. (2015) also considered to represent C. uyato . The specimen of C. uyato from Sri Lanka grouped most closely with the cluster of specimens of Centrophorus cf. atromarginatus in the tree resulting from the Neighbor-Joining analysis, but differed from these specimens by 31–32 bp.

This is another candidate for the reports of species of Centrophorus from Sri Lanka included in our treatment of Centrophorus cf. atromarginatus .

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