Rosa abietina, Gren

I. Klášterský, 1968, 10. Rosa L., Flora Europaea, Volume 2, Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, Cambrdige: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-42 : 30

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Rosa abietina


31. R. abietina Gren . ex Christ, Ros. Schweiz 132 (1873) ( R. obtusifolia subsp. abietina (Gren. ex Christ) F. Hermann).

Like 28 but prickles more abundant, curved; leaflets compound-serrate, densely glandular; pedicels stipitate-glandular; sepals I glandular on the back; fruit 10-25 mm, glabrous or densely stipitate-glandular. • Alps. Au Ga Ge He It Ju.

(32-38). R. tomentosa group.

Stems up to 3 m, erect. Prickles usually straight or slightly curved. Leaflets orbicular, ovate, oblong-ovate or elliptical, compound-serrate, very rarely simply serrate, usually densely tomentose, frequently glandular beneath, with a resinous smell. Pedicels usually glandular-hispid. Flowers solitary or 2-5. Sepals usually pinnatifid, usually erect after anthesis but sometimes patent or deflexed. Petals usually pink. Styles lanate or villous, very rarely glabrous. Fruit globose, ovoid or pyriform, glandular-hispid.

1 Sepals ± patent or deflexed after flowering 2 Leaflets soft, densely tomentose or pubescent; sepals deciduous; styles usually villous or glabrous 32. tomentosa

2 Leaflets rough, usually sparsely tomentose or pubescent; sepals persistent; styles densely villous to lanate 33. scabriuscula

1 Sepals erect and persistent after flowering

3 Pedicels grey-puberulent and sometimes stipitate-glandular

4 Young stems pruinose, glabrous, or + pubescent; leaflets and pedicels eglandular 37. heckeliana

4 Young stems not pruinose, densely pubescent; leaflets glandular, at least on the veins beneath 38. orientalis

3 Pedicels stipitate-glandular but not grey-puberulent

5 Prickles somewhat curved; base of sepals not swollen; sepals soon deciduous in fruit 34. sherardii

5 Prickles straight; base of sepals swollen; sepals persistent in fruit

6 Leaflets 30-50(-60) x 16-30 mm; young stems not pruinose 35. villosa

6 Leaflets 12-35 x 8-18 mm; young stems usually pruinose 36. mollis