Pseudolitochira crinita, Ng & Clark, 2022

Ng, Peter K. L. & Clark, Paul F., 2022, Descriptions of three new Pseudolitochira Ward, 1942 species (Crustacea: Brachyura: Pilumnidae) from the West Pacific, Journal of Natural History 56 (5 - 8), pp. 349-364 : 360

publication ID 10.1080/00222933.2022.2065221


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scientific name

Pseudolitochira crinita

sp. nov.

Pseudolitochira crinita sp. nov.

( Figures 2b View Figure 2 ; 5e–h View Figure 5 ; 6b, c, e, g View Figure 6 )

Material examined

Holotype. 1 female, 10.0 × 6.8 mm, ZRC 2021.298 View Materials , station PR108, west Wongat Island , Papua New Guinea, 5.135°S, 145.825°E, 2–30 m, coll. A. Anker, Expédition PAPUA NIUGINI, 26 November 2012. GoogleMaps


Carapace transversely ovate, width 1.47 times length ( Figures 2b View Figure 2 , and 5e View Figure 5 ); surface covered with short, relatively dense pubescence which obscures surface and margins, with numerous long simple setae along margins which partially obscure margin and surface ( Figures 2b View Figure 2 , and 5e View Figure 5 ); anterolateral margin bidentate, with 2 small but clearly defined sharp teeth ( Figure 5e View Figure 5 ); posterior margin of epistome with median lobe flattened, almost level with endostome, lateral margin gently concave ( Figure 5f, g View Figure 5 ); third maxilliped with short, subquadrate ischium, merus quadrate, subdistal margin with low granules ( Figures 5h View Figure 5 , and 7c View Figure 7 ); major chela with fingers about half length of palm ( Figure 6b View Figure 6 ); ambulatory legs with merus and propodus distinctly slenderer ( Figure 6f View Figure 6 ); vulvae large, ovate, positioned close to median part of sternite 6, opening obliquely ( Figure 6e View Figure 6 ).


The name is derived from the Latin for fluffy (crinitus), alluding to the appearance of the species.


For comparisons with congeners, see Discussion.