Lindingaspis rossi (Maskell)

Kondo, Takumasa & Muñoz, Jazmín Adriana, 2016, Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) associated with avocado crop, Persea americana Mill. (Lauraceae) in Valle del Cauca and neighboring departments of Colombia, Insecta Mundi 2016 (465), pp. 1-24 : 6-7

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Lindingaspis rossi (Maskell)


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Material studied. Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Alcalá: Finca Santacruz , 04°39 ′ 47.1 ″ N, 75°48 ′ 20.7 ″ W, 1223 m, 27.iv.2009, coll. T. Kondo, ex avocado cv. ‘ Papelillo’ (‘Lorena’), 1 ( UVCO), 1 ( MECP) GoogleMaps ; Caicedonia: Finca La Cabaña , 04°17 ′ 43.8 ″ N, 75°50 ′ 39.4 ″ W, 1705 m, 09.ii.2009, coll. J. Muñoz, ex avocado cv GoogleMaps .

‘Papelillo’ (‘Lorena’), 1 ( UVCO), 1 ( MECP); Palmira : Rozo, Finca Brasil, 03°36 ′ 36.0 ″ N, 76°25 ′ 08.5 ″ W, 967 m, 10.xii.2008, coll. A. Arias, J. Muñoz, ex avocado cv. ‘ Papelillo’ (‘Lorena’), 1 ( UVCO), 1 ( MECP) GoogleMaps ; Same data except 03°38 ′ 51.1 ″ N, 76°06 ′ 14.7 ″ W, 1925 m, 19.xii.2008, coll. J. Muñoz, 2 ( UVCO), 1 ( MECP) GoogleMaps .

Distribution. Afrotropical: Angola, Cameroon, Guinea, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Zimbabwe. Australasian: Australia, Hawaii, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Western Samoa. Nearctic: Mexico, USA. Neotropical: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru. Oriental: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan. Palaearctic: Azores, China, Egypt, Japan, Madeira Islands, Portugal, Sicily, Spain ( Ben-Dov et al. 2015). The araucaria black scale, L. rossi was originally described on araucaria in Australia, but since then it has been recorded from many tropical countries and temperate regions ( Williams and Watson 1988a).

Remarks. Lindingaspis rossi was found on the underside of leaves of the ‘Lorena’ variety. This species has been recorded on a wide range of plants, often causing chlorosis and in some cases defoliation ( Williams and Watson 1988a). This is the first record of L. rossi from Colombia.


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