Pseudaonidia trilobitiformis (Green)

Kondo, Takumasa & Muñoz, Jazmín Adriana, 2016, Scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) associated with avocado crop, Persea americana Mill. (Lauraceae) in Valle del Cauca and neighboring departments of Colombia, Insecta Mundi 2016 (465), pp. 1-24: 7

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Pseudaonidia trilobitiformis (Green)


Pseudaonidia trilobitiformis (Green)  

Material studied. Colombia. Valle del Cauca: Alcalá: Finca La Porra, 04°40 ′ 13.1 ″ N, 75°44 ′ 34.3 ″ W, 1395 m, 10.xii.2008, coll. J. Muñoz, ex avocado cv. ‘Booth’, 1 ( UVCO), 1 ( MECP).

Distribution. Cosmopolitan ( Ben-Dov et al. 2015). Its origin is probably southern Asia where it is common, but it has spread onto Africa, the Malagasian area and tropical America ( Williams and Watson 1988a).

Remarks. We found P. trilobitiformis   on the underside of the main vein of the leaf of the ‘Booth’ cultivar. It has been found in great numbers on plants; however, they seem to cause little damage ( Williams and Watson 1988a).


Universidad de Valle