Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi Gardiner, 1904

Filander, Zoleka N., Kitahara, Marcelo V., Cairns, Stephen D., Sink, Kerry J. & Lombard, Amanda T., 2021, Azooxanthellate Scleractinia (Cnidaria, Anthozoa) from South Africa, ZooKeys 1066, pp. 1-198 : 1

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Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi Gardiner, 1904


Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi Gardiner, 1904

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Sphenotrochus gilchristi Gardiner, 1904: 98-99, pl. 1, figs A-G. - Boshoff 1981: 39. - Zibrowius and Gili 1990: 44.

Eusthenotrochus moseri Wells, 1935: 530.

Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) moseri . -Wells 1935: 530-532, pl. 18, figs 5, 6.

Sphenotrochus dentosus Boshoff 1981: 39.

Sphenotrochus sp. (incertae sedis). - Boshoff 1981: 39.

Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi . - Cairns and Keller 1993: 259, fig. 7A, B.

Type locality.

Near Kowie, South Africa (33°45'20.0"S 26°44'20.0"E); 79-81m ( Gardiner 1904).

Type material.

Two syntypes are deposited at the BMNH.

Material examined.

ORI_DIIIi2 (2 specimens), ORI _ DIIIi3 (3 specimens), SAMC_A073226 (1 specimen), SAMC_A073075 (1 specimen): Locality data unknown. SAMC_A073232 (1 specimen): Southern margin, 21 km from Cape Point / 14 km off Sand Estuary, 34°10'59.99"S, 18°34'59.99"E; 42 m. GoogleMaps SAMC_A073236 (4 specimens): Southern margin, 22 km from Cape Point / 4 km off Elsies Estuary, 34°09'59.99"S, 18°27'29.99"E; 24 m. GoogleMaps SAMC_A090086 (14 specimens): Southern margin, 22 km from Cape Point / 4 km off Elsies Estuary, 34°09'59.99"S, 18°27'29.99"E; 24 m. GoogleMaps SAMC_A090087 (3 specimens): Southern margin, 18 km from Cape Point / 16 km off Buffels Wes Estuary, 34°13'00.00"S, 18°34'59.99"E; 44 m. GoogleMaps SAMC_A090088 (6 specimens): Southern margin, 80 km from Gouritsmond / 91 km off Blinde Estuary, 34°59'00.00"S, 22°18'00.00"E; 106 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H1376 (1 specimen): Southern margin, 28 km from Port Alfred / 3 km off Old Womans’ Estuary, 33°30'00.00"S, 27°08'59.99"E; 183 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H1405 (1 specimen): Western margin, 51 km from Cape Point / 48 km off Krom Estuary , 34°28'59.87"S, 17°58'00.11"E; depth unknown. SAM_H1413 (1 specimen): Southern margin, 11 km from Kenton On Sea / 11 km off Boesmans Estuary, 33°45'19.99"S, 26°44'19.99"E; 79- 80 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H1480 (1 specimen): Southern margin, 35 km from Port Alfred / 5 km off Mpekweni Estuary, 33°27'59.99"S, 27°12'59.99"E; 97 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H3204 (2 specimens): Southern margin, 6 km from Kenton On Sea / 5 km off Boknes Estuary, 33°43'07.59"S, 26°37'37.95"E; 90 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H3205 (7 specimens): Southern margin, 37 km from Port Elizabeth / 32 km off Bakens River Estuary, 34°05'29.99"S, 25°55'14.99"E; 123 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H3206 (3 specimens): Southern margin, 7 km from East London / 5 km off Buffalo Estuary, 33°02'59.99"S, 27°57'00.00"E; 59 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H3207 (2 specimens): Southern margin, 47 km from Kidds Beach / 13 km off Bira Estuary, 33°29'03.99"S, 27°22'59.99"E; 80 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H3208 (3 specimens): Southern margin, 31 km from Gonubie /off Gqunube Estuary, 33°09'59.99"S, 28°12'00.00"E; 90 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H4243 (1 specimen): Eastern margin, 16 km from Scottburgh / 12 km off Mkomazi Estuary, 30°15'00.00"S, 30°54'18.00"E; 100 m. GoogleMaps SAM_H4590 (1 specimen): Southern margin, 16 km from Cape Point / 12 km off Elsies Estuary, 34°13'08.99"S, 18°31'59.99"E; 37 m. GoogleMaps

Imagery data.

BMNH 1970.1.26.7 (2 syntypes imaged): Eastern margin, north of Durban; 79-81m; DTE (sub-genus type): Southern margin, 113 km from Gouritsmond/125 km off Blinde Estuary, 35°15'59.99"S, 22°26'06.99"E; 155 m.


Corallum cuneiform, appearing swollen around theca in lateral view. Base rounded giving a V-shaped appearance in side view. Calice elliptical (GCD:LCD = 1.4-2.8), with serrated calicular margin. Largest specimen examined (SAM_H4243) 8.6 × 3.4 mm in CD, and 10.5 mm in H. Costae smooth, well defined, each composed of two or more discontinuous ridges per septa. S3 associated costae have three or four longer continuous ridges, which separate 5.0 mm above base. Intercostal striae vary with costae size and arrangement, appearing deep and narrow. Corallum white and sometimes orange.

Septa hexamerally arranged in three cycles according to the formula: S1-2 > S3 (24 septa). S1-2 have straight axial margins. S3 dimorphic in size: sometimes 2/3 the size of S1-2 and bearing slightly sinuous axial margin or rudimentary. All septa thick and equally exsert. Septal thickening deposits connect septa to a solid lamellar columella deeper in fossa.


Regional: Western to eastern margin of South Africa, from off Cape Point extending towards Scottburgh; 24-155 m. Elsewhere: Only known from South Africa; 24-165 m.


Sphenotrochus (E.) gilchristi was first reported in the region by Gardiner (1904), and was subsequently placed in a subgenus by Wells (1935) who reported it as Sphenotrochus (E.) moseri . Thereafter, Cairns and Keller (1993) reported the species in the region and extended the known regional distribution further west.














Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi Gardiner, 1904

Filander, Zoleka N., Kitahara, Marcelo V., Cairns, Stephen D., Sink, Kerry J. & Lombard, Amanda T. 2021

Sphenotrochus dentosus

Boshoff 1981

Eusthenotrochus moseri

Wells 1935

Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) moseri

Wells 1935

Sphenotrochus gilchristi

Gardiner 1904

Sphenotrochus (Eusthenotrochus) gilchristi

Gardiner 1904


Milne-Edwards & Haime 1848