Pseudodysderina utinga,

Platnick, Norman I. & Berniker, Lily, 2013, ffie South American Goblin Spiders of the New Genera Pseudodysderina and Tinadysderina (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2013 (3787), pp. 1-44: 18-20

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Pseudodysderina utinga

new species

Pseudodysderina utinga  , new species

Figures 109–120View FIGURES 109–120

TYPE: Male holotype from the Parque Estadual do Utinga, Belém, 01°25′29.29″S, 48°26′16.84″W, Pará, Brazil (Oct. 23–30, 2010; E. Costa et al.), deposited in MPEG (19219, PBI_ OON 43648View Materials)GoogleMaps  .

ETYMOLOGY: ffie specific name is a noun in apposition taken from the type locality.

DIAGNOSIS: Males resemble those of P. desultrix  , but the embolus is much narrower at its bend and the conductor has only tiny expansions on its prolateral and retrolateral sides (fig. 114); females have a wider tip on the anterior genitalic process (figs. 119, 120).

MALE (PBI_ OON 38073View Materials, figs. 109–116): Total length 1.80. Surface of elevated portion of pars cephalica appearing finely reticulate; lateral margin without denticles. ALE separated by less than their radius. Postepigastric scutum long, almost rectangular, extending to nearly full length of abdomen. Leg spination: femora: I p0-0-2, r1-1-1; II p0-0-2, r1-1-0; tibiae I, II v4-4-2; metatarsi: I v2-1p-2; II v2-0-2. Embolus relatively short, bent only near tip, closely paralleling conductor.

FEMALE (PBI_ OON 38065View Materials, figs. 117–120): Total length 2.15. Dorsal scutum covering more than 3/4 of abdomen length, more than 1/2 to most of abdomen width, not fused to epigastric scutum. Postepigastric scutum almost semicircular, extending to about 3/4 of abdomen length, fused to epigastric scutum. Leg spination: femora I, II p0-0-2, r1-1-1; tibiae: I v4-4-2; II v4-4-1p; metatarsi: I v2-2-2; II v3-0-2. Genital atrium semicircular, anterior genitalic process posteriorly narrow, with wide tip.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: Brazil: Pará: Aldeia Aracu, Igarapé Gurupi-Uma , 50 km E Canindé, May 2–30, 1963 (B. Malkin, AMNH PBI_ OON 38065View Materials), 2♀  ; Aldeia Corscei, Rio Gurupi , 12 km W Canindé, Apr. 16–26, 1963 (B. Malkin, AMNH PBI_ OON 49927View Materials), 1♂  ; Estação Científica Ferreira Penna, FLONA Caxiuanã, 01°42′24″S, 51°27′34.3″W, Melgaço , Apr. 14, 2006 (C. Lopes, MPEG 19221View Materials, PBI_ OON 40338View Materials), 1♂GoogleMaps  , 01°43′21.6″S, 51°25′51.2″W, Melgaço , Apr. 29, 2006 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 19228View Materials, PBI_ OON 43652View Materials), 1♂GoogleMaps  , 01°43′43.2″S, 51°29′07″W, Melgaço , Apr. 26, 2006 (R. Lopes, MPEG 19226View Materials, PBI_ OON 43650View Materials), 1♀GoogleMaps  , 01°44′15.5″S, 51°26′42.0″W, Melgaço , Mar. 12–15, 2003 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 10289View Materials, 10291View Materials, 10431View Materials, 10444View Materials, 10451View Materials, PBI_ OON 40332View Materials, 40335, 40339, 40341, 40345), 3♂, 2♀GoogleMaps  , Aug. 11, 2003 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 10290View Materials, PBI_ OON 40346View Materials), 1♀GoogleMaps  , Oct. 25, 2003 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 10330View Materials, PBI_ OON 40348View Materials), 1♀  , 01°44′18.02″S, 51°27′48.01″W, Melgaço , Oct. 21–24, 2003 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 19229View Materials, PBI_ OON 40336View Materials), 1♂GoogleMaps  , Nov. 8–23, 2005 (J. Barreiros et al., MPEG 19220View Materials, 19222View Materials, 19223View Materials, PBI_ OON 40333View Materials, 40340, 40347), 1♂, 2♀GoogleMaps  , Apr. 14–19, 2006 (J. Barreiros et al., MPEG 19224View Materials, PBI_ OON 40337View Materials), 1♂  , Apr. 23, 2006 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 19225View Materials, PBI_ OON 43649View Materials), 1♀  , 01°45′12.8″S, 51°31′14.7″W, Melgaço , Apr. 23, 2006 (R. Lopes, MPEG 19227View Materials, PBI_ OON 43651View Materials), 1♂, 1♀GoogleMaps  ; Fazenda Bom Retiro, 04°50′07.90″S, 49°14′12.77″W, Nova Ipixuana , Apr. 14, 2012 (M. Aguiar-Neto, MPEG 19233View Materials, 19234View Materials, PBI_ OON 43655View Materials, 43656), 2♀GoogleMaps  ; Fazenda Santa Marta, Tailândia , May 13–14, 2003 ( MPEG 10680View Materials, PBI_ OON 40364View Materials), 1♀  ; Mata do Lobão, Bragança , June 25–July 1, 2005 (J. Barreiros, MPEG 19230View Materials, PBI_ OON 43654View Materials), 1♂  ; Parque Estadual do Utinga , 01°25′29.29″S, 48°26′16.84″W, Aug. 3–24, 1962 (W. Brown, AMNH PBI_ OON 38073View Materials), 1♂GoogleMaps  , Oct. 23–30, 2010 (E. Costa et al., MPEG 19214–19218View Materials, PBI_ OON 43643View Materials –43647), 5♀  ; Plot PPBio, Caixuanã, Portel , Jan. 30–Feb. 13, 2007 (M. Ribeiro, D. Arco, MPEG 19231View Materials, 19232View Materials, PBI_ OON 40349View Materials, 43653), 2♂  .

DISTRIBUTION: Brazil (Pará).


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