Paramacrobiotus richtersi (Murray, 1911)

Zawierucha, Krzysztof, Dziamiecki, Jakub, Jakubowska, Natalia, Michalczyk, Lukasz & Kaczmarek, Lukasz, 2014, New tardigrade records for the Baltic states with a description of Minibiotus formosus sp. n. (Eutardigrada, Macrobiotidae), ZooKeys 408, pp. 81-105 : 97

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Paramacrobiotus richtersi (Murray, 1911)


Paramacrobiotus richtersi (Murray, 1911)

Localities and specimen numbers.

XI: 2 specimens (including 1 simplex) and 1 egg.


Paramacrobiotus species (until recently a collection of species within Macrobiotus ) can be divided into three groups: areolatus, huziori and richtersi, with respect to the combination of two traits: the presence/absence of the microplacoid in the pharynx and the type of egg areolation. Paramacrobiotus richtersi , considered cosmopolitan, is recognised as the nominal species for a group of very similar taxa that require careful taxonomic examination of adults and egg morphology for correct identification. In the last decade many new species of this group have been described from various localities (e.g. Pilato et al. 2004, Kaczmarek et al. 2005, Tumanov 2005b, Michalczyk and Kaczmarek 2006a, b, Michalczyk et al. 2006, Pilato et al. 2006a, b, Degma et al. 2008, Bartels et al. 2009, Pilato et al. 2012), with more recent additions including molecular data ( Guidetti et al. 2009, Schill et al. 2010).