Amalothrips Ananthakrishnan

Li, Yajin, Liu, Zhuocheng & Zhang, Hongrui, 2021, Rhamphothrips genus-group in China, with description of two new species and two new records (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), Zootaxa 5039 (3), pp. 425-432: 425

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Amalothrips Ananthakrishnan


Amalothrips Ananthakrishnan  

The grass-feeding thrips Amalothrips   comprises two Asian species, flaccidus   and noorazlani   . This is the first record of the genus from China, and includes one new species and one new record. Members of Amalothrips   have been distinguished from other genera by having a simple sense cone on antennal segments III and IV, and the head strongly projecting in front of the eyes in both sexes ( Ng 2015). However, a third species is described here with the sense cone forked on antennal segments III–IV. This difference in sense cones among species is surprising, but such variation is also known in other genera that are associated with Poaceae   , including Chirothrips   and Limothrips   (see Mound et al. 2018).