Auchenipterichthys longimanus ( Guenther , 1864), Guenther, 1864

Collins, Rupert A., Duarte Ribeiro, Emanuell, Nogueira Machado, Valeria, Hrbek, Tomas & Farias, Izeni Pires, 2015, A preliminary inventory of the catfishes of the lower Rio Nhamunda, Brazil (Ostariophysi, Siluriformes), Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 4162-4162: 4162

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Auchenipterichthys longimanus ( Guenther , 1864)


Auchenipterichthys longimanus ( Guenther, 1864)  


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: 43874; recordedBy: Valéria Nogueira Machado; Emanuell Duarte Ribeiro; Rupert A. Collins; individualCount: 3; otherCatalogNumbers: UFAM:CTGA:14289; UFAM:CTGA:14501; UFAM:CTGA:14502; associatedSequences: KP772595; Taxon: scientificName: Auchenipterichthys longimanus ( Günther, 1864); kingdom: Animalia; phylum: Chordata; class: Actinopterygii; order: Siluriformes; family: Auchenipteridae; genus: Auchenipterichthys; specificEpithet: longimanus; scientificNameAuthorship: ( Günther, 1864); Location: country: Brazil; stateProvince: Pará; locality: Lower Nhamunda River ; decimalLatitude: -1.84123; decimalLongitude: -57.07212; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: Rupert A. Collins; Event: eventDate: 2013-11; Record Level: institutionCode: INPA; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps  


Identification to species level follows Ferraris et al. (2005) based on the following characters: coracoid not exposed ventrally; pelvic fin with nine branched rays; anterior teeth on premaxilla not visible when mouth closed; caudal fin emarginate; and body uniform dark colouration without dark spots.

Three individuals were caught by hand from their lodgements in woody substrates at the margin of the main river (sampling site NH04). An example of a live specimen is pictured in Fig. 5.