Gigantococcus species

Unruh, Corinne M. & Gullan, Penny J., 2008, Identification guide to species in the scale insect tribe Iceryini (Coccoidea: Monophlebidae), Zootaxa 1803 (1), pp. 1-106: 50

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1803.1.1

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Gigantococcus species


Other Gigantococcus species  

The remaining Gigantococcus species   ( Gi. bimaculatus   , Gi. brachystegiae   , Gi. maximus   , Gi. nigroareolatus   and Gi. theobromae   ) do not resemble one another nor do they resemble any other Gigantococcus   or iceryine species. Each species has unique compound multilocular pores not seen in any other species, except for Gi. brachystegiae   and Gi. theobromae   , which have unique simple multilocular pores in addition to common compound pores. Refer to the comparison section for each of these species for a discussion of unique features. We were unable to examine material of Gi. rodriguesi   , Gi. splendidus   and Gi. sulfureus   . The original descriptions are not sufficient enough for us to place any of these species into groups.