Alobevania gattiae Kawada & Deans, Deans & Kawada, 2008

Deans, A. R. & Kawada, R., 2008, Alobevania, a new genus of neotropical ensign wasps (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae), with three new species: integrating taxonomy with the World Wide Web., Zootaxa 1787, pp. 28-44: 4-9

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Alobevania gattiae Kawada & Deans

n. sp.

Alobevania gattiae Kawada & Deans   HNS   , n. sp.

(Figs. 2, 5, 8, 10, 13)

Male. Head: Lower face uniformly brown. Torulus slightly dorsal to midline of eye. No carina present between toruli; area of the frons dorsal to toruli slightly convex. Eye 0.75 times head height. Epistomal declivity of clypeus divergent. Gena nitid, always uniformly brown. Malar space punctulate, setose, 0.4 times eye height. Middle third of clypeus expanded ventrally as even, semicircular process. Vertex defined by slight, irregular sculpture. Scape and pedicel brown but usually lighter than flagellum. Flagellomeres 1-7 yellow to brown; flagellomeres 8-11 dark brown. Mandible light brown-yellow medially, reddish on dorsal and ventral margins, with 4 reddish teeth on anterior face of mandible (5 teeth total).

Mesosoma: Propleuron rugulose. Mesopleuron rugose in dorso-anterior corner, regularly areolate along posterior edge (areolas nearly square); median concave area rugose, with rugae almost reaching dorso-anterior corner. Areas dorsal and ventral to the medial depression nitid. Mesoscutum and scutellum nitid, evenly brown and setose. Notaulus inconspicuously sinuous (often almost linear), posteriorly with dilation inconspicuous, convergent and joined at scutellar groove. Tegula brown to light brown, nearly spherical. Metapleuron nitid along anterior edge, irregularly areolate medially. Mesosternum nitid laterally, strongly rugulose (almost areolate in some specimens) medially. Metasternum strongly rugose. Lateral face of propodeum nitid anteriorly. Posterior face of propodeum, ventral to the petiole articulation, alveolate. Fore leg and mid leg mostly nitid except faintly imbricate or prelate ventrally, gradually fading from brown to light brown towards apices sculpture. Hind leg fading from brown to light brown apically.

Wings: Fore wing with 6 cells enclosed by tubular veins. 1st subdiscal cell open, 2A and 2cu-a absent. 3 CU vein spectral. Hind wing with three adjacent hamuli.

Metasoma: Gaster elliptical, much less than half the size of the mesosoma in lateral view. Petiole 4 times longer than medial width, as wide as high, arched dorsally; rugose laterally; slightly flared posteriorly (expanding in width and height).

Female description: As for male except: eye strongly elliptical, smaller (0.5 times head height), flatter. Flagellomeres brown (apical flagellomere light brown to yellow), widened progressively towards apex. Frons nitid and shiny. Notaulus sinuous, not widening posteriorly. Gaster half as large as mesosoma in lateral view. Ovipositor sheaths bare except for tuft of setae/sensilla at apex. Ovipositor short (about as long as petiole), straight, and usually concealed within metasoma.

Holotype: male, COSTA RICA, Prov[incia de] Heredia, 11 Km ESE La Virgen , 10.35° N 84.05° W, 250- 350 m elev[ation], 21.iii- 06. iv.2004, INBio-OET-ALAS transect, 03/M/11/071, voucher DERV091g ( INBio) [ Morphbank ] GoogleMaps   .

Allotype: female, COSTA RICA, Prov[incia de] Heredia, 11 Km ESE La Virgen , 10.35° N 84.05° W, 250-350 m elev[ation], INBio-OET-ALAS transect, 03/M/06/086, 06- 18.iv.2004, voucher DERV091h ( INBio) [Morphbank] GoogleMaps   .

Paratypes: 1 female, BRAZIL, Jacareacanga , Para, XI-68, Moacir Alvarenga , voucher DERV097f ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 2 females, BRAZIL: Utinga , Belem , XII.'66, S. J. Oliviera voucher DERV097g ( AEIC) [Morphbank], DERV097h ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, BRAZIL: Manaus , June '72, Amaz[onas], F. M. Oliviera, voucher DERV097i ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, COSTA RICA: F. La Selva , 3 Km, S P[uer]to Viejo , 10°26'N 84°01'W,, H.A. Hespenheide [collector], voucher DERV091m ( INBio) [Morphbank] GoogleMaps   . 1 male, COSTA RICA: 10 Km SE La Virgen , immediate vicinity of El Ceibo station, on west side of Rio Peje , 10.333° N 84.083° W, 450-550 m elev[ation], 24.ii- 11.iii.2003, INBio-OET-ALAS transect, 05/M/ 10/030, voucher DERV091k ( NCSU) [Morphbank] GoogleMaps   ; 1 female at same locality, 05/M/01/021, voucher DERV091b ( NCSU)   ; 2 females at same locality, 05/TN/01/011, 12- 23.iii.2003, vouchers DERV091e ( NCSU), DERV091j ( CNC)   ; 2 females at same locality, 05/M/02/082, 08- 20.iv.2003, vouchers DERV091i ( INBio), DERV091f ( INBio)   . 1 male at same locality, 23. iii. 2003- 8.iv.2003, voucher DERV091c ( NCSU)   ; 1 male, COSTA RICA: Heredia Prov., 11km ESE La Virgen , 10.35°N, 84.05°W, 22. ii. 2004- 9.iii.2004, OET- ALAS-INBio Malaise trap, voucher DERV091d ( NCSU) GoogleMaps   . 1 male, M. Antonio Natl. Pk. [= Manuel Antonio National Park ] VIII.28.86 Masner, voucher DERV097a ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, COLOMBIA: Amazonas, PNN [ Parque Nacional Naturale ] Amayacu , Cabana Lorena , 3.000° S 69.983° N, 210 m elev[ation], 27.viii.2001, M.2234, D. Campos [collector], voucher DERV092a ( IAVH)   ; 1 male, COLOMBIA: Amazonas, PNN [ Parque Nacional Naturale ] Amayacu , Matamata , 3.683° S 70.25° W, 150 m, 30.x- 11.xi.2000, Malaise trap, A. Parente [collector], voucher DERV092c, ( IAVH) [Morphbank] GoogleMaps   . 1 male at same locality, 2. iv. 2001- 16.iv.2001, D. Chota, Malaise trap, voucher DERV092b ( NCSU)   . 1 male, ECUADOR: Sucumbios , Rio Napo , Sacha Lodge , 0° 30'S 76° 30'W, 220-230 m, 22.ii- 4.iii.1994, M[alaise]T[rap], P. Hibbs col[lector], DERV091n ( CNC) [ Morpbank ] GoogleMaps   . 1 male, ECUADOR: Coca , May 1965, Luis Pena, voucher DERV097d ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, ECUADOR: Napo & Coca Rivers , V.2 -10.65, Luis Pena, voucher DERV097e ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, PERU: Quincemil , 750m nr. Marcapata , September , 1962, Luis Pena, voucher DERV097b ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   . 1 male, PERU: Junin , Satipo , I.19.84, Lars Huggert , voucher DERV097c ( AEIC) [Morphbank]   .

Etymology: The specific epithet is a patronym honoring Andressa Gatti, colleague and defender of Mata Atlantica rain forest conservation.

Web resources: ZooBank LSID; Morphbank image collection; Evanioidea Online descriptive Web page; ToL taxon Web page.

Remarks: Alobevania gattiae   HNS   has the widest biogeographic range of any Alobevania   HNS   , with collecting events throughout the Amazon Basin and into southern Central America.


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