Nephrolepis arida D.L. Jones,

Hovenkamp PH & Miyamoto F, 2005, A conspectus of the native and naturalized species of Nephrolepis (Nephrolepidaceae) in the world, Blumea 50, pp. 279-322: 312

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Nephrolepis arida D.L. Jones


20. Nephrolepis arida D.L. Jones 

Nephrolepis arida D.L. Jones (1988) 474  . - Type: Jones 1598 (holo DNA n.v.; iso K), Australia. 

The duplicate in K of the type of this species is a well-developed plant, with basal scales somewhat thickened in the best developed tuft, and spreading sideways away from the stipe exactly like in N. biserrata  . Sori are irregularly shaped, most reniform, but some are more athyrioid with unequal base, and none contain well-developed sporangia. On the whole, the characters of this specimen are consistent with a hybrid origin involving almost certainly N. biserrata  and possibly N. cordifolia  , but considering that the specimens occur in sites where the growth conditions for Nephrolepis  appear to be marginal, it may also represent a somewhat aberrant specimen of the former.