Peckoltia multispinis (Holly, 1929)

Armbruster, Jonathan W., 2008, The genus Peckoltia with the description of two new species and a reanalysis of the phylogeny of the genera of the Hypostominae (Siluriformes: Loricariidae), Zootaxa 1822 (1), pp. 1-76: 32

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1822.1.1

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Peckoltia multispinis (Holly, 1929)


Peckoltia multispinis (Holly, 1929)  

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Ancistrus multispinis Holly, 1929: 119   . Type locality: Mercado Bléin ( Brasilien). Holotype: NMW 8952. Comments: The type of Ancistrus multispinis   had been lost for a long time until Mark Sabaj rediscovered it in 2007. The species had been considered a Lasiancistrus   since Isbrücker (1980). Armbruster (2005) recognized that the original description was not entirely consistent with a Lasiancistrus   , but placed the species into the synonymy of L. schomburgkii   anyway. The label was clearly misread by Holly as it does say ÒMercado BelémÓ ( Fig. 17 View FIGURE 17 ). The species is most certainly a species of Peckoltia   , but I have only examined photos provided by Mark Sabaj and Kyle Luckenbill. The species is relatively unique in that it has the lower lip consisting of short, multibranched fimbriae; however, some P. vittata   approach the condition in P. multispinis   . The only color remaining is some faint, irregular banding in the caudal fin that is consistent with most species of Peckoltia   , including P.vittata   , which is known from around Belém. The species may be valid or a synonym of P. vittata   . I tentatively recognize it as valid, but with the color gone from the type specimen and little pertinent information in the original description, it is impossible to compare the species with other Peckoltia   , and it is not included in diagnoses or the key.