Liposcelis pearmani Lienhard, 1990, Lienhard, 1990

Lienhard, Charles & Mifsud, David, 2015, Psocids from Malta (Insecta: Psocodea: ‘ Psocoptera’), with new synonymy for Peripsocus stagnivagus based on the discovery of its first Palaearctic male, Zootaxa 3936 (2), pp. 251-260: 253

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Liposcelis pearmani Lienhard, 1990


Liposcelis pearmani Lienhard, 1990  

Material examined. Malta, Zejtun, 20. x. 2014, 1 ♀, in private residence, DM.

Notes. A new record for the Maltese Islands. This is a mainly European species but has been recorded also from Japan and U.S.A. It is mainly found in houses, insect collections, stored products, sometimes in birds’ nests and, in the Mediterranean Region, occasionally under bark ( Lienhard 1990, 1998).