Rhabdoblatta saussurei (Kirby, 1903)

Yang, Rong, Wang, Zhenzhen, Zhou, Yanshuang, Wang, Zongqing & Che, Yanli, 2019, Establishment of six new Rhabdoblatta species (Blattodea, Blaberidae, Epilamprinae) from China, ZooKeys 851, pp. 27-69: 52-53

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Rhabdoblatta saussurei (Kirby, 1903)


Rhabdoblatta saussurei (Kirby, 1903)   Figure 11 I–L, 12R

Stictolomapra saussurei   , Princis, 1952: 38; Bey-Bienko 1957: 901; Princis 1967: 683.

Rhabdoblatta saussurei   , Anisyutkin, 2003: 555.

Measurements (mm).

Female, overall length: 38.0-43.0.


Female similar to male but slightly larger (Figure 11 I–L).

Female genitalia.

Moderately sclerotized. Ovipositor toward to brood sac. Tergal process of the eighth abdominal tergite vestigial, whose length ca. 1/2 of tergal process of the ninth abdominal tergite. Tergal process of the ninth abdominal tergite robust, linked with the ninth tergum. First valves of ovipositor with apex membranous, inner margin with fine bristles. Second valves of ovipositor tube-shaped, completely covered by the first valves of ovipositor. Third valves of ovipositor wide and flat, length slightly shorter than the first valves of ovipositor. Gonangulum boat-shaped. Sclerotized lobes of the second and third pairs of valves nearly crescent-shaped, margin with scattered yellow spots. Anterior arch of second valvifer narrow in middle and both sides wider. Basivalvula with semicircular arms, the mid-sclerite weakly sclerotized and separated. Vestibular sclerite membranous, apical sclerite vestigial. Transverse sclerotized plate small, arc-shaped. Brood sac membranous and without sclerotized section (Figure 12R).

Material examined.

1 female, Guangxi Prov., Hechi City, Huanjiang County, Chuanshan Town, Shecun Village, 18-23-VII-2015, Jian-yue Qiu leg.; 1 male, Yunnan Prov., Mengla County, Shangyong Town, Longmen Village, 8-9-V-2015, Jian-yue Qiu leg.; 1 male, Guangdong Prov., Qingyuan City, Lianshan County, 1970, Ping Lin leg.


China (Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan).