Rhodopsis Bush, 1905,

Kupriyanova, Elena K., Sun, Yanan, Ten Hove, Harry A., Wong, Eunice & Rouse, Greg W., 2015, Serpulidae (Annelida) of Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Zootaxa 4019 (1), pp. 275-353: 309

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Rhodopsis Bush, 1905


Genus Rhodopsis Bush, 1905 

Type-species. Rhodopsis pusilla Bush, 1905 

Diagnosis. (from ten Hove & Kupriyanova 2009). Tube white, circular in cross-section, thin-walled, not increasing in diameter, distal part sometimes erect, unattached, with peristomes; granular overlay absent. Animals with tube diameter <0.2 mm. Some tubes may have one or more unpaired, inverted brood-chambers associated with peristomial rings. Operculum pear-shaped, laterally compressed, usually with well-developed chitinous plate bearing spines. Opercular plate may be deeply infolded and sunk, angled, within the opercular ampulla, then with halves closely appressed; plate rarely flat and terminal. Rarely operculum a simple ampulla only. Peduncle smooth, cylindrical, without wings, separated from ampulla by constriction; inserted proximal to 1 st radiole on one side. Pseudoperculum absent. Arrangement of radioles short pectinate, only 2–3 radioles per lobe. Inter-radiolar membrane absent. Branchial eyes not observed. Stylodes absent. Mouth palps present. Four to six thoracic chaetigerous segments present. Collar (tri-)tetra-lobed. Thoracic membranes short, reaching 1 st thoracic chaetiger. Collar chaetae  absent. Apomatus  chaetae  present from second chaetiger onward. Thoracic and abdominal uncini rasp-shaped, with 6–8 teeth in a row in edge view and about 8 teeth in profile, anterior fang simple pointed. Triangular depression absent. Single capillary chaeta on middle abdominal chaetigers accompanied by single flat narrow geniculate chaeta with blunt teeth. Achaetous anterior abdominal zone long, followed by up to 15 chaetigers. Posterior capillary chaetae  present. Posterior glandular pad not observed.