Keratoisidinae sp. 'NHM_417'

Dahlgren, Thomas G, Wiklund, Helena, Rabone, Muriel, Amon, Diva J, Ikebe, Chiho, Watling, Les, Smith, Craig R & Glover, Adrian G, 2016, Abyssal fauna of the UK- 1 polymetallic nodule exploration area, Clarion-Clipperton Zone, central Pacific Ocean: Cnidaria, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 9277-9277 : 9277

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Keratoisidinae sp. 'NHM_417'


Keratoisidinae sp. 'NHM_417'


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: d260bc48-6a67-4fb4-b504-863b6d174da0 ; recordNumber: NHM_417; recordedBy: Adrian Glover, Helena Wiklund, Thomas Dahlgren, Maggie Georgieva; individualCount: 1; preparations: tissue voucher stored in 80% non-denatured ethanol aqueous solution and DNA voucher stored in elution buffer; otherCatalogNumbers: 5594676; associatedSequences: | KX384637; Taxon: taxonConceptID: Keratoisidinae sp. (NHM_417); scientificName: Keratoisidinae; kingdom: Animalia; phylum: Cnidaria; class: Anthozoa; order: Alcyonacea; family: Isididae; scientificNameAuthorship: Lamouroux, 1812; Location: waterBody: Pacific; stateProvince: Clarion Clipperton Zone; locality: UK Seabed Resources Ltd exploration claim UK-1 ; verbatimLocality: UK-1 Stratum A; maximumDepthInMeters: 4026; locationRemarks: RV Melville Cruise MV1313; decimalLatitude: 13.8645666666667; decimalLongitude: -116.548233333333; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: Les Watling, Adrian Glover, Helena Wiklund, Thomas Dahlgren, Diva Amon; dateIdentified: 2016-03-01; identificationRemarks: identified by DNA and morphology; Event: samplingProtocol: Remotely Operated Vehicle; eventDate: 2013-10-20; eventTime: 11:05; habitat: Abyssal plain; fieldNumber: RV06; Record Level: language: en; institutionCode: NHMUK; collectionCode: ZOO; datasetName: ABYSSLINE; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps


Branched colony attached to nodule. Identified to family based on general morphology (Fig. 9).

Genetic data for this taxon with new GenBank accession numbers are provided in Table 2.


The specimen superficially resembles Bathygorgia profunda Wright (1885) first described in the Narrative (Part 2) of the HMS Challenger voyage and more fully described in Wright and Studer (1889) where a type locality from station 241 between Yokohama and Hawaii (depth 4206m) is indicated. Morphologically-similar specimens based on AUV or ROV image data is also referred to this species in the CCZ megafauna atlas ( International Seabed Authority 2016). However, this specimen is distinguished by the presence of large needle sclerites (Fig. 9) that extend between the bases of the tentacles (which are not present in Bathygorgia ), and the body sclerites being predominantly small needles rather than the disorganised rods that typify Bathygorgia . The present specimen belongs to a new genus and species (Watling et al. in prep). For a recent discussion on Keratoisid corals, see Dueñas et al. (2014), Lapointe and Watling (2015) and Moore et al. 2016.

No genetic matches at Genbank but forms a cluster with Keratoisis and Orstomisis sequences published (Fig. 5).

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