Gonatocerus (Cosmocomoidea) uat Triapitsyn, 2006

Triapitsyn, Serguei V., Huber, John T., Logarzo, Guillermo A., Berezovskiy, Vladimir V. & Aquino, Daniel A., 2010, Review of Gonatocerus (Hymenoptera: Mymaridae) in the Neotropical region, with description of eleven new species, Zootaxa 2456, pp. 1-243: 227-228

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Gonatocerus (Cosmocomoidea) uat Triapitsyn, 2006


Gonatocerus (Cosmocomoidea) uat Triapitsyn, 2006  

( Figs 485–491 View FIGURES 485 – 488 View FIGURES 489 – 491 )

Gonatocerus   sp. near ashmeadi Girault   : Logarzo et al. 2004: 486 –487 (host associations of the specimens from Argentina and Peru); de León 2005: 298–300 (molecular data on the specimens from Argentina).

Gonatocerus   new sp. near ashmeadi Girault   : Hoddle & Triapitsyn 2004: 339.

Gonatocerus uat Triapitsyn in Triapitsyn et al. 2006: 58   –65. Holotype female [ UCRC] (examined). Type locality: Ciudad Valles , San Luis Potosí, Mexico.  

Gonatocerus uat Triapitsyn   : Triapitsyn 2006a: 27–28 (taxonomic history, diagnosis, distribution, host associations); de León et al. 2006a: 42 (molecular data); de León et al. 2006d: 54 (molecular data); de León et al. 2006e: 57–58 (molecular data); de León & Morgan 2006: 61 (molecular data); Triapitsyn 2006b: 112 (= G. sp. 9); de León & Morgan 2007: 83 (molecular data); de León et al. 2008: 99, 104–105 (molecular data); Luft Albarracin et al. 2009: 10 (list; distribution and host association in Argentina).

Material examined. ARGENTINA. MISIONES, Loreto, A.A. Ogloblin: 14.xii.1932 [1 ♀, MLPA]; 7.iii.1933 [1 ♂, MLPA]; 10.iii.1933 [1 ♀, MLPA]; 17.iv.1933 [1 ♀, MLPA]; 19.iv.1933 [1 ♂, MLPA]; 12.x.1933 [1 ♀, MLPA]. TUCUMÁN, Tafí Viejo, ii.2002, E.G. Virla, from sentinel eggs of Tapajosa rubromarginata (Signoret)   [2 ♀, UCRC]. BRAZIL. GOIÁS, Uruaçu, 14°16.9’S 48°55.7’W, 26.v.1996, Serra da Mesa Survey [1 ♀, UCRC]. COSTA RICA. LIMÓN, Roxana de Pococí, 100 m, ix–x.2007, P. Benavides (from eggs of Oncometopia clarior (Walker)   on Dracaena marginata   ) [4 ♀, CNCI, MZCR, UCRC].

Description. See Triapitsyn et al. (2006).

Diagnosis. Gonatocerus (Cosmocomoidea) uat   is a member of the ater subgroup of the ater species group. It is very similar to G. (Cosmocomoidea) ashmeadi Girault   , particularly in color, both having a dark brown mesosoma, but is distinguished by the female antenna ( Fig. 485 View FIGURES 485 – 488 ) usually having 2 (rarely 1) mps on F1 (none in G. ashmeadi   ), and also by the forewing disc being notably infuscate beyond the venation, more conspicuously so behind the tip of the marginal vein ( Figs 488 View FIGURES 485 – 488 , 491 View FIGURES 489 – 491 ) (at most with a faint, uniform brownish tinge in G. ashmeadi   ). Triapitsyn et al. (2006) also provided molecular evidence of the clear separation between G. ashmeadi   and G. uat   . In the smaller specimens from Argentina, reared from eggs of Tapajosa rubromarginata (Signoret)   , often F1 and sometimes F2 of the female antenna lack one or both mps (Triapitsyn et al. 2006). Also illustrated here are the propodeum ( Fig. 486 View FIGURES 485 – 488 ) and mesosoma and metasoma ( Fig. 487 View FIGURES 485 – 488 ) of the female, as well as the antenna ( Fig. 489 View FIGURES 489 – 491 ) and genitalia ( Fig. 490 View FIGURES 489 – 491 ) of the male.

Distribution. NEOTROPICAL: Argentina, Brazil *, Costa Rica *, Mexico (San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas), and Peru (Triapitsyn 2006a). NEARCTIC: Mexico (Tamaulipas) (Triapitsyn 2006a).

Hosts. Homalodisca   sp., Oncometopia   spp. [the Oncometopia   sp. reported as host of G. uat   (as Gonatocerus   sp. near ashmeadi   ) by Logarzo et al. (2004) is O. rubescens Fowler   ], Pseudometopia amblardii (Signoret)   , P. phalaesia (Distant)   , Tapajosa rubromarginata (Signoret)   (Triapitsyn 2006a; Triapitsyn et al. 2006), and Oncometopia clarior (Walker)   [new record] ( Cicadellidae   ). Also, specimens of G. uat   from Peru were reared for a few generations in two quarantine laboratories in the USA on eggs of a factitious host, Homalodisca vitripennis (Germar)   ( Logarzo et al. 2004 [as G. sp. near ashmeadi   ]).


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Gonatocerus (Cosmocomoidea) uat Triapitsyn, 2006

Triapitsyn, Serguei V., Huber, John T., Logarzo, Guillermo A., Berezovskiy, Vladimir V. & Aquino, Daniel A. 2010


Logarzo 2004: 486