Masan, Peter, 2017, A revision of the family Ameroseiidae (Acari, Mesostigmata), with some data on Slovak fauna, ZooKeys 704, pp. 1-228: 1

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gen. n.

Genus Pseudoameroseius  gen. n.

Type species.

Ameroseius michaelangeli  Moraza, 2006.

Diagnosis (female).

Dorsal shield heavily sclerotised and coarsely ornamented, with reduced number of 21 pairs of setae (j1-j6, J2, J4, z4, z5, Z2, Z5, s1, s4, s5, S2-S5, r3 and r4 present; z2, z6, Z1, Z3, s2, s6, r2 and r5 absent). Dorsal setae including j1 similar in length and form, thickened, with serrate edges. Sternal setae on sternal shield (st1, st2), soft integument (st3, st4), and epigynal shield (st5). Opisthogastric region with reduced number of four pairs of setae (JV1, JV2, JV5 and ZV2 present; JV3 and JV4 absent), two of which on ventrianal shield (JV2, ZV2). Setae JV1 and JV5 on soft integument. Ventrally inserted setae smooth and needle-like, except JV5, longer and slightly spine-shaped. Gnathosoma relatively small. Corniculi weakly sclerotised distally, membranous, with undivided apex. Cheliceral digits relatively small, fixed digit with two teeth on medial masticatory area. Epistome subtriangular, with irregularly and obtusely curved apex. Palptarsal apotele three-tined. Genu III, and tibiae III–IV with two anterolateral and one posterolateral setae. Tarsi I–IV each with empodium and claws, apotele of tarsi I sessile.


Pseudoameroseius  gen. n. seems to be monotypic, with Pseudolaelaps michaelangeli  described from soil and leaf litter in Tenerife Island, Canary Islands ( Moraza 2006).