Psolidothuria yasmeena Thandar, 2006,

Thandar, Ahmed S., 2018, On some miscellaneous sea cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) in the collections of the South African Museum with three new species, Zootaxa 4532 (1), pp. 57-85: 75-76

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Psolidothuria yasmeena Thandar, 2006


Psolidothuria yasmeena Thandar, 2006 

( Figure 14View FIGURE 14)

Psolidothuria yasmeena Thandar, 2006: 44 View Cited Treatment   –46, fig. 15.

Diagnosis (see Thandar 2006).

Material examined. SAMC-A 090921,  SM123  , off south of Scottburgh , 30°33.04’ S, 30°48.06’ E, heavy dredge, 690 m, 10.V.1977, 5 specGoogleMaps  .; SAMC-A 090922,  SM129  , off Margate , 30°53.04’ S, 30°31.07’ E, heavy dredge, 850 m, 11.V.1977, 7 specGoogleMaps  .; SAMC-A 090923,  SM232  , off south of Port St. Johns , 32°10.9’ S, 29°10.4’ E, heavy dredge, 620– 560 m, 25.GoogleMaps  VI.1979, 6 spec.; SAMC-A 090924,  SM236  , off Transkei , south of Port St. Johns, 32°14.03’ S, 29°11.06’ E, heavy dredge, 660–670 m, 25.GoogleMaps  VI.1979, 1 spec.

Description. Specimens slightly to strongly U-shaped, the latter perhaps due to preservation ( Figure 13AView FIGURE 13). Size-range 5–10 mm along ventrum, and up to 1 mm in breadth in mid-body. Mouth and anus terminal, anterior end broader than posterior end with anus lying slightly above level of mouth. Colour in alcohol beige-grey, more pronounced ventrally and sometimes also orally. Tentacles retracted, anal teeth and anal papillae absent. Tube feet sparse ( Figure 13AView FIGURE 13), located in ambulacra, better developed ventrally, non-retractile, most protruding from body surface, decreasing in size in both directions; suckers well developed. Largest specimen with about six large tube feet in all ventral ambulacra. Smaller specimens with only few long ventral tube feet. Dorsal tube feet present, also confined to ambulacra but few and minute. Suckers of the dorsal tube feet much reduced. Body wall rigid due to presence of imbricating scales/plates which are either smooth ( Figure 13BView FIGURE 13) or slightly nodular ( Figure 13CView FIGURE 13). Tentacles 8, digitate or finger-shaped but finely branched, 6 large, of unequal size, 2 much reduced. Internal anatomy, including ossicles, as described for the type by Thandar (2006).

Distribution. South-east coast of South Africa, 620– 850 m.

Remarks. This species has been adequately described from the holotype and 24 paratypes by Thandar (2006) from material collected off Port St. Johns—East London area by the same cruise on 24.VI.1979 at 710– 775 m. Thandar compared his material with P. octodactyla Thandar, 1998  and requires no further comments.














Psolidothuria yasmeena Thandar, 2006

Thandar, Ahmed S. 2018

Psolidothuria yasmeena

Thandar, A. S. 2006: 44