Dias, Everton S., Quinteiro, Fabio B. & Calor, Adolfo R., 2015, A new species of Neoathripsodes Holzenthal, 1989 (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae) with new generic and species records in Bahia State, Brazil, Zootaxa 4032 (4), pp. 370-380: 375-376

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Leptoceridae   from Serra Bonita   : New records to Bahia State

In this work, seven known species and one new species were collected in Serra Bonita   . These species are distributed among seven of the nine genera of Leptoceridae   recorded in Brazil: Atanatolica   , Grumichella   , Neoathripsodes   , Nectopsyche   , Notalina   , Oecetis   , and Triplectides   . Neoathripsodes   and Notalina   are new generic records for Bahia state.

During the first year, 2008, six species were collected in Serra Bonita   : Atanatolica bonita   , Grumichella rostrata Thienemann 1905   , Notalina cipo Holzenthal 1986   , Oecetis martinae   , Triplectides gracilis   , and Neoathripsodes holzenthali   n. sp. The next year, 2009, the six previous and two additional species were collected: Nectopsyche fuscomaculata Flint 1983   and Oecetis furcata   . In the four subsequent years, no different additional species of Leptoceridae   were collected. Thus, Nectopsyche fuscomaculata   , Neoathripsodes holzenthali   n. sp., Notalina cipo   are new records for Bahia State.

Material of all new records is listed below except those for Neoathripsodes holzenthali   n. sp., which are detailed in the species description section.