Macrobrachium brasiliense ( Heller, 1862 ),

Rossi, Natalia, Magalhães, Célio, Mesquita, Elis R. & Mantelatto, Fernando L., 2020, Uncovering a hidden diversity: a new species of freshwater shrimp Macrobrachium (Decapoda: Caridea: Palaemonidae) from Neotropical region (Brazil) revealed by morphological review and mitochondrial genes analyses, Zootaxa 4732 (1), pp. 177-195: 181-182

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Macrobrachium brasiliense ( Heller, 1862 )


Macrobrachium brasiliense ( Heller, 1862) 

Material examined. Syntypes: 2 males (CL 12.00 mm and 17.20 mm) and 2 females (CL 12.42 mm and 15.30 mm), NHMW 565View Materials, Brazil, Mato Grosso state, Pé da Serra Jeronimo , iv/1828, collector: Natterer, J.  Additional material: Venezuela—male (CL 57.00 mm), USNM 233659, Amazonas state, rio Orinoco, Agueto, 2/i/1952, Cabonell, L. Colombia—male (CL 57.98 mm) and female (CL 44.96mm), USNM 78046, Department of Meta, Villavicencio, date and collector unknown. Ecuador—male (CL 44.13 mm) and 2 females (CL 31.97 mm and 34.40 mm), USNM 149812View Materials, Napo province, Santa Cecilia , small streams, x/1973, Altig, R. Peru—  3 males (CL 41.00– 46.85 mm), AUM 24329View Materials, Quebrada Primavera, precise locality unknown, 29/vii/2010, col. unknown; Amazonas province   : 2 males (CL 59.62– 46.26 mm), AUM 24323View Materials, Imacita, Marañón  river 10/viii/2010, col. unknown; male (CL 36.00 mm), USNM 230034View Materials, Caterpiza river, 10/ii/1980, McDiarmid, R.; male (CL 32.10 mm), AUM 24321View Materials, Bagua Chica, Utcubamba river , 28/vii/2010, col. unknow; Loreto province   : 3 males (CL 30.96–34.11 mm), INPA 725View Materials, Iquitos, Maynas, 26/vi/1997, Vasquez, E.; Ucayali province : male (CL 50.76 mm), USNM 228908View Materials, Huacamayo river , Pucallpa , Aguaytia , 13/ix/1979, Ortega, H. Brazil—Amapá state: male (CL 37.00 mm) and  2 females (CL 34.16 mm, 38.80 mm), INPA 1072View Materials, precise locality unknown, 27/viii/1992, col. unknown  ; 2 males (CL 30.63 mm, 39.32 mm) and 2 females (CL 25.71 mm, 29.25 mm), INPA 1074View Materials, Araguari river, Capivara waterfall, 20/viii/1992, Magalhães, C.; Amazonas state: male (CL 60.50 mm) and 3 ovigerous (CL 46.00– 49.97 mm), INPA 1336View Materials, tribe Balawa-ú , Igarapé Hoanik ( Yano indigenous post), 07/x/2003, Yanomani, J  .; 4 males (CL 37.20–47.98 mm), INPA 124View Materials, Presidente Figueiredo, Urubu river, 11/ix/1982, Silva, N.; Pará state: 2 ovigerous (CL 29.39 and 32.70 mm), CCDB 5321View Materials, Xingu river , 13/iii/2014 Robles, R.; female (CL 38.75 mm) CCDB 5322View Materials, Iriri river , 13/iii/2014 Robles, R  .; 3 females (CL 13.40–17.32 mm), CCDB 4802View Materials, Xingu river, Volta Grande , 15/ix/2013, Robles, R. et al  .; 3 males (CL 36.60–39.98 mm) and female (CL 37.73 mm), CCDB 4814View Materials, Bacajai river , 16/ix/2013, Robles, R. et al.; Maranhão state  : 2 males (CL 52.40 mm and 40.93 mm) and ovigerous (CL 36.81 mm), INPA 1434View Materials, precise locality unknown, 07/ x/2003, Camara, J. T.; Tocantins state  : 2 males (CL 33.69 mm and 36.06 mm), CCDB 5023View Materials, Ponte Alta , 19/v/2013, Mantelatto, F.L. et al  .; 2 males (CL 32.24 mm, 44.71 mm) and female (CL 23.60 mm), CCDB 5171View Materials, Mateiros , 19/ v/2013, Mantelatto, F.L. et al  .; 3 females (CL 17.38–33.57 mm), CCDB 5172View Materials, Mateiros , 19/v/2013, Mantelatto, F.L. et al.; Mato Grosso state  : 3 males (CL 51.80–56.06 mm), CCDB 2298View Materials, Ribeirão Bonito river , 09/x/2007, Torati, L.S  .; 2 males (CL 27.00 mm, 49.32 mm) and 2 females (CL 34.35 mm, 35.50 mm), CCDB 2307View Materials, Corgão river , 10/x/2007, Torati, L.S.; Goiás state  : 2 males (CL 44.76 mm, 46.20 mm), CCDB 5462View Materials, precise locality unknown, 07/vii/1998, col. unknown; Distrito Federal  : 3 males (CL 30.00–43,30 mm), CCDB 5463View Materials, Rio Bezerra, Brasilia , 18/ix/1997, Ribeiro, M.; Mato Grosso do Sul state  : 3 females (CL 26.75–46.01 mm), CCDB 1582View Materials, Macaco creek , MS 324, 09/x/2007, Torati, L.S  .; 3 females (29.49–38.15 mm), CCDB 1564View Materials, Sucuri river , 27/vii/2006, col. unknown  ; 2 males (CL 30.76 mm, 52.11 mm), CCDB 1908View Materials, Mutum creek , 01/viii/2006, López  ; 2 males (CL 39.68 mm, 53.21 mm) and ovigerous (CL 46.23 mm), CCDB 5440View Materials, Miranda river 08/11/2014, Carvalho, F.; São Paulo state  : male (CL 49.33 mm) and female (CL 32.89 mm), CCDB 339View Materials, Serra Azul , 01/iv/1996, Mantelatto, F.L. et al  .; 3 females (17.46–39.42 mm), CCDB 2898View Materials, Altinópolis, Araraquara river , 28/iv/2009, Mantelatto, F.L. et al  .; 3 males (CL 43.60–57.21 mm), CCDB 6072View Materials, Guapiaçu, sub basin Turvo river , 14/vii/2001, Castro, R  .; 3 males (CL 44.02–57.82 mm), CCDB 6074View Materials, Paranapanema river , 23/viii/2000, Avelar, W.; Paraná state  : male (CL 53.70 mm), INPA 487View Materials, Taquarense river, xi/1988, Ribeiro, H.B. Bolivia—female (CL 32.69 mm), USNM 84860View Materials, José Ballivián Province: Rurrenabaque , Beni river , 21/xii/1922 col. unknown. Paraguay—male (CL 47.85 mm), USNM 353018View Materials, Guazu-ri river , 18/v/1982, col. unknown  .

Diagnosis. Rostrum straight, overreaching end of antennular peduncle, not reaching end of scaphocerite; upper margin with 8–12 teeth (usually 9), regularly arranged; 2–4 postorbital, usually the second or third on postorbital margin; inferior orbit straight, not enough pronounced; lower margin of rostrum with 2 or 3 teeth. Antennule peduncle with 3 segments, inner and outer flagella, outer flagellum with 2 branches. Carapace with small spinules in lateral face. Second pereopods (P2) similar in shape, different in size. Larger P2 overreaching scaphocerite with all carpus length; dactylus length equal or slightly longer than half propodus length, bearing 2 big teeth and sometimes interspaced with others smaller ones along cutting edges and lined with 4–11 small tubercles on inner side. Larger P2 with propodus almost cylindrical with mesial and lateral sides flattened, covered with small spines on inner face, upper and lower margins; spinules and setae on outer side. Fifth pleonal somite with rectangular pleuron and peaked lower margin. Males with appendix masculina on endopod of second pleopod, smaller than appendix internae. Posterior margin of the telson ending in a distinct acute tip, with 2 lateral spines with setae between them; inner pair of spines reaching or overreaching apex of telson.

Type locality. Brazil, Mato Grosso state: near Cuiabá city, Pé da Serra do Jerônimo , according to Pileggi et al. (2013)  .

Distribution. Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil (Roraima, Amapá, Pará, Amazonas, Maranhão, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Bahia, Acre, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Paraná) (see references in Pileggi et al. 2013; Pimentel & Magalhães 2014; Santos et al. 2018), Bolivia ( Magalhães 2002) and Paraguay (present study).


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile


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Tavera, Department of Geology and Geophysics