Characidium Reinhardt

Donald C. Taphorn B., Carmen G. Montaña & Paulo Buckup, 2006, Characidium longum (Characiformes: Crenuchidae), a new fish from Venezuela., Zootaxa 1247, pp. 1-12: 2

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Characidium Reinhardt


[[ Genus Characidium Reinhardt   ZBK   ]]

This new species of Characidium Reinhardt, 1867   ZBK   , brings the total for the genus to about 50 valid species (Buckup, 2003). All are small fishes, ranging from about 20 to 80 mm SL, and are usually associated with moving water, often in riffle habitats, similar to most North American darter species of the family Percidae. They are members of the family Crenuchidae   , the monophyly of which was recently established by Buckup (1993b, 1998), who also established the monophyly of Characidium   ZBK   , although this is supported only by one synapomorphy: a black spot near base of middle caudal fin rays, which is sometimes secondarily lost or modified. Their known distributions extend from Panamá to Argentina. In his review of the family, Buckup (1993a) examined material of this species and all other Venezuelan species available for study, and described several new genera and species: Leptocharacidium omospilum   ZBK   , Ammocryptocharax minutus   ZBK   , Melanocharacidium compressus   ZBK   , M. dispilomma   ZBK   , M. melanopteron   ZBK   , Odontocharacidium aphanes   , Microcharacidium gnomus   ZBK   , and Microcharacidium weitzmani   ZBK   . Since this review, no one has worked with the numerous other undescribed Venezuelan species.