Austroauridius iwaii, Dietrich, 2021

Dietrich, Christopher H., 2021, New species of Mayawa Fletcher and description of a related new Australian leafhopper genus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Paralimnini), Zootaxa 4933 (4), pp. 575-585 : 577-578

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Austroauridius iwaii

sp. nov.

Austroauridius iwaii sp. nov.

( Figure 1 View FIGURE 1 )

Description. Length of male 2.6 mm, female 3.0. Male 2S apodemes well-developed but short, paddlelike, extended halfway to posterior margin of sternite III, space between apodemes narrowly rectangular ( Fig. 1D View FIGURE 1 ). Subgenital plate ( Fig. 1H View FIGURE 1 ) half as long as pygofer, with 4-5 macrosetae. Style apophysis inflated medially, constricted preapically in ventral view, apex with posteromedial angle broad, lateral angle narrow and projected posterolaterad to sharp point ( Fig. 1H View FIGURE 1 ).

Female sternite VII posterior margin with pair of sharp, darkly sclerotized teeth flanking slightly shorter median parabolic lobe, lateral margins rounded ( Fig. 1I View FIGURE 1 ).

Etymology. The species is named for I’wai, mythical hero of the Koko Ya’o indigenous people of Queensland.

Material examined. Holotype male, AUSTRALIA: QLD, Crow’s Nest N.P. 27.2540ºS 152.1071ºE, 454m, 22 Feb 2015, C.H.Dietrich, AU15-08-3, vacuum rocky area ( QM) GoogleMaps . Paratypes, 2 males, 1 female, same data as holotype ( INHS) GoogleMaps .

Notes. The type series was collected by vacuuming grasses and other herbaceous vegetation in an open riparian woodland.


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