Mayawa Fletcher, 2000

Dietrich, Christopher H., 2021, New species of Mayawa Fletcher and description of a related new Australian leafhopper genus (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Paralimnini), Zootaxa 4933 (4), pp. 575-585: 578

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Mayawa Fletcher, 2000


Mayawa Fletcher, 2000  

Notes. Fletcher (2000) provided a description of the genus based on the six species originally included. The crown texture was described as “shagreen” but only the anterior part of the crown has this texture, the posterior two thirds of the crown between the eyes is glabrous with very fine longitudinal striations laterally. The following additional traits appear to be characteristic of the genus and are included here to supplement the original description. Coronal suture extended nearly full length of crown. Eye emarginate adjacent to antenna. Anteclypeus only slightly tapered distally. Maxillary sensillum closely adjacent to lateral margin of lorum near middle. Front femur with AM1 seta large and situated near ventral margin, IC row extended to basal half of femur, AV row with basal setae very short and inconspicuous; tibia rows PD and AD with 4 and 1 macrosetae, respectively. Hind femur macrosetal formula 2+2+1; tibial row PD with macrosetae alternating short and long; tarsomere I pecten with 4 platellae, inner seta platelliform.

In the structure of the male genitalia, Mayawa   closely resembles the widespread Holarctic genus Sorhoanus Ribaut   but species of the latter have the forewing less elongate with the outer anteapical cell usually much larger, the crown more strongly produced and angulate anteriorly, and the ventroapical pygofer process greatly reduced or absent.