Agrimonia pilosa, Ledeb

I. Klášterský, 1968, 10. Rosa L., Flora Europaea, Volume 2, Rosaceae to Umbelliferae, Cambrdige: Cambridge University Press, pp. 35-42: 32

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Agrimonia pilosa


1. A. pilosa Ledeb   .,

Ind. Sem. Horti Dorpat., Suppl. 1 (1823) ( A. dahurica Willd   . ex Ser.).

Stem 50-150 cm, with long eglandular hairs. Leaves green on both surfaces, with glandular but very few eglandular hairs beneath; leaflets with 3-8 pairs of teeth, cuneate and entire at base. Raceme lax. Petals 2-5-4 mm, pale yellow, entire. Mature hypanthium (including bristles) 4-5 x 3-3-5 mm, deeply grooved throughout its length, more or less glabrous except for the bristles; inner bristles connivent and interwoven. U.S.S.R. from c. 49° to c. 62° N., extending westwards to S. Finland, N.E. Poland and C. Romania. Fe Po Rm Rs (N, B, C, W) [Cz].