Buyda Navás, 1926, Navas, 1926

Ardila-Camacho, Adrian, Calle-Tobón, Arley, Wolff, Marta & Stange, Lionel A., 2018, New species and new distributional records of Neotropical Mantispidae (Insecta: Neuroptera), Zootaxa 4413 (2), pp. 295-324: 304

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Buyda Navás, 1926


Genus Buyda Navás, 1926  

Type species: Buyda apicata Navás, 1926: 87   .

Before this study, the genus Buyda   was represented in the Neotropics by two species, B. phthisica (Gerstaecker)   and B. apicata Navás. The   second species is herein synonymized with the former, as proposed in the revisionary work by Hoffman (1992), being B. phthisica   the only valid species of this genus until now. The geographical distribution of this species ranges from Honduras to southern Argentina ( Hoffman 2002). Here, we describe a new species for this genus, which was previously described from Panama in Hoffman’s Ph.D. dissertation of 1992 but was not formally published by the author. This new species presents a body color pattern, genital morphology and arrangement of the abdominal pregenital apparatus remarkably different from B. phthisica   . Ardila-Camacho & García (2015) reported this species as inquirenda from the departments of Antioquia and Sucre based on two female specimens. According to Ardila-Camacho & García (2015), the examination of male specimens could clarify the identity of these specimens, either as specimens pertaining to B. phthisica   or as the species described as new in the Hoffman ´s dissertation, given the morphological similitude of female specimens. In the present study, we describe this species with consent of K.M. Hoffman (pers. comm.). The species description is based on the work by Hoffman (1992) and our own examination of a series of specimens housed in CEUA and ANDES-E.