Phaneroptila insularis Uvarov, 1957

Massa, Bruno, 2017, New and interesting Orthoptera from the Arabian Peninsula and Socotra, ZooKeys 679, pp. 37-46: 38

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Phaneroptila insularis Uvarov, 1957


Phaneroptila insularis Uvarov, 1957   Figs 1-3

Material examined.

Yemen, Socotra, Wadi Ayhaft 23.I.2014, 12°23'35"N, 53°59'18"E, A. Carapezza (2♂) (BMPC).


Only one species, endemic to Socotra, is known from this genus. A previous record from this taxon is that of a male holotype, collected on 15 March 1953 along the northern slopes of the Hagghier, at Hijama (Hadiboh Plain) ( Uvarov and Popov 1957, Popov 1981a), ca. 15 km away from Wadi Ayhaft. It appears to be a very rare species, where the female still remains unknown. Phaneroptila insularis   is characterized by the 2nd pair of wings as long as the tegmina (Fig. 1). The stridulatory file, previously undescribed, is 0.6 mm long and consists of approximately 80 evenly spaced teeth (Fig. 2); the subgenital plate of the male is narrow and long, and apically concave. Cerci are robust and incurved (Fig. 3).