Ospriocerus aeacus (Wiedemann, 1828),

Lavigne, Robert J. & Dennis, D. Steve, 2017, A checklist of the Robber Flies (Insecta: Diptera: Asilidae) of Wyoming, USA, Zootaxa 4238 (3), pp. 335-365: 356

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Ospriocerus aeacus (Wiedemann, 1828)


Ospriocerus aeacus (Wiedemann, 1828) 

Original Description: Dasypogon aeacus Wiedemann, 1828  .

Published State Records: Adisoemarto (1967); Dennis et al. (2010) (as Ospriocerus abdominalis  ); Geller-Grimm (2016) (Wyoming); Lavigne & Dennis (1994) (as Ospriocerus abdominalis  ). 

Published County Records: BH (one specimen identified by JKB and six specimens identified by CRN, all as Stenopogon aeacus  ); CB; FR; HS; LA; PL (includes two specimens identified by JKB and seven specimens identified by CRN as Stenopogon aeacus  ); TE.

Museum Records: AL; BH; CR; FR; GO; HS; LA; LI; NA; NI; PA; PL; SH; WA.