Thelypteris (Goniopteris) rolandii (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon 1967

Almeida, Thais Elias & Salino, Alexandre, 2015, Thirteen new records of ferns from Brazil, Biodiversity Data Journal 3, pp. 4421-4421 : 4421

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Thelypteris (Goniopteris) rolandii (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon 1967


Thelypteris (Goniopteris) rolandii (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon 1967   LSID


Thelypteris (Goniopteris) rolandii (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon, Rhodora 69: 8. 1967. Dryopteris rolandii C.Chr., Kongel. Danske Vidensk. Selsk. Skr., Naturvidensk. Math. Afd. 7, 10: 258. 1913. Type: Ecuador, Spruce 5718 (P). Fig. 20.


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: catalogNumber: BHCB 121348 ; recordNumber: D.T. Souza 348; recordedBy: D.T. Souza; Taxon: taxonID:; scientificName: Thelypteris (Goniopteris) rolandii (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon; kingdom: Plantae; class: Polypodiopsida; order: Polypodiales; family: Thelypteridaceae; genus: Thelypteris; subgenus: Goniopteris; specificEpithet: rolandii; scientificNameAuthorship: (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon; Location: continent: South America; country: Brazil; countryCode: BR; stateProvince: Bahia; municipality: Ipiaú; verbatimCoordinates: 14°10'50"S, 39°41'33"W; verbatimLatitude: 14°10'50"S; verbatimLongitude: 39°41'33"W; decimalLatitude: -14.180556; decimalLongitude: -39.6925; geodeticDatum: WGS84; Identification: identifiedBy: A. Salino; dateIdentified: 2011-05; Event: eventDate: 2007-11-13; year: 2007; month: 11; day: 13; Record Level: type: specimen; language: Portuguese; collectionCode: BHCB GoogleMaps


Previously known distribution: Antilles, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela ( Smith 1995). Fig. 21.


Occurs as terrestrial in montane rainforest.

Taxon discussion

This species is a putative hybrid between Thelypteris (Goniopteris) tetragona (Sw.) Small and T. (Goniopteris) poiteana (Bory) Proctor ( Smith 1983). It can be characterized by the pinnae serrulate to shallowly lobed or incised to 1/3 the distance to costae, 2-3 pairs of basal veins anastomosing below sinus, and the presence of several hairs on sporangial capsule ( Smith 1983).