Colinauropus Remy, 1956

Bu, Yun, 2020, First record of the family Colinauropodidae (Myriapoda, Pauropoda) in China, with the description of three new species, ZooKeys 947, pp. 53-70: 53

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Colinauropus Remy, 1956


Genus Colinauropus Remy, 1956  

Type species.

Colinauropus regis   Remy, 1956.


Body fusiform; head and pygidium free; tergites divided into sclerotized coarse plates, partly of irregular shape; stalk of antennal globulus g shorter than globulus itself; adults with first and last pair of legs 5-segmented, remaining pairs 6-segmented; pygidial sternum with two pairs of setae b 1+ b 2 ( Scheller 2011).


Ethiopian, Palaearctic, and Oriental regions.