Helicter solida, Pease, 1869

Cowie, Robert H., Héros, Virginie, Yeung, Norine W. & Hayes, Kenneth A., 2016, Annotated catalogue of types of Hawaiian land and freshwater snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris, with lectotype designations, Zoosystema 38 (2), pp. 245-266 : 258

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https://doi.org/ 10.5252/z2016n2a4

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Helicter solida


solida Pease, 1869 , Helicter

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Helicter (Amastra) solida Pease, 1869: 173 .

CURRENT TAXONOMIC STATUS. — Amastrinae, Amastra (Metamastra Hyatt & Pilsbry, 1911) subrostrata ( Pfeiffer, 1859) , junior synonym; or Amastra (Amastrella) decorticata Gulick in Gulick & Smith 1873, senior synonym, valid species.

TYPE MATERIAL. — Syntype MNHN IM-2000-30836 (1 spm).

TYPE LOCALITY. — “ins. Oahu”.

REMARKS The original description was explicitly based on specimens in the collections of both Pease and Crosse. Pilsbry & Cooke (1915 [in 1914-1916]: 28, 29, 31, pl. 7, figs 1-3) treated a single lot in the MCZ as the “type lot”. It contained four specimens, which they referred to three species: Amastra (Metamastra) textilis (Férussac in Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) (not figured by Pilsbry & Cooke 1915 [in 1914-1916]), Amastra (Amastrella) decorticata Gulick in Gulick & Smith 1873 (figured by Pilsbry & Cooke 1915 [in 1914-1916]: pl. 7, fig. 1) and Amastra (Metamastra) subrostrata ( Pfeiffer, 1859) (2 spms figured by Pilsbry & Cooke 1915 [in 1914-1916]: pl. 7, figs 2, 3). Pilsbry & Cooke (1915 [in 1914-1916]: 29) explicitly considered one of the two A. subrostrata shells (probably that illustrated in their fig. 2) and the A. decorticata shell to have contributed to the original description (external colour and dimensions, and aperture, respectively); they therefore considered solida to be a synonym of both subrostrata and decorticata . Fischer- Piette (1950: 73) simply listed “un exemplaire” in the collections of the Journal de Conchyliologie, referencing Pilsbry & Cooke (1915 [in 1914-1916]: 28, pl. 7, figs 2, 3). Johnson (1994: 24) listed three (not four) syntypes in the MCZ, but under two catalogue numbers ( MCZ 23341 View Materials , MCZ 141388), indicating that these three were those figured by Pilsbry & Cooke (1915 [in 1914-1916]: pl. 7, figs 1-3). He also noted the listing of the additional syntype by Fischer-Piette (1950: 73). Resolution of the status of solida could be achieved by designation of one of the MCZ specimens as the lectotype, which would either: 1) reduce solida to the synonymy of subrostrata ; or 2) establish solida as the senior synonym of decorticata . While the former action would promote nomenclatural stability ( subrostrata and decorticata would remain valid), the latter would be more reflective of the main points of the original description of solida (but would establish solida as the valid name for decorticata ). The MNHN specimen would then become a paralectotype of H. s olida; pending such action, it continues to be treated here as a syntype.


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Helicter solida

Cowie, Robert H., Héros, Virginie, Yeung, Norine W. & Hayes, Kenneth A. 2016

Helicter (Amastra) solida

PEASE W. H. 1869: 173