Metrichia trebeki Harris and Armitage, 2019

Harris, Steven C. & Armitage, Brian J., 2019, The Trichoptera of Panama X. The Quebrada Rambala drainage, with description of 19 new species of microcaddisflies (Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae), Insecta Mundi 707 (707), pp. 1-54 : 12

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Metrichia trebeki Harris and Armitage

sp. nov.

Metrichia trebeki Harris and Armitage , new species

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Diagnosis. Metrichia trebeki is most similar to M. madre Flint and Bueno-Soria from Peru on the basis of the single, short phallic spine and the triangular shape of the inferior appendage. However, the new species is distinguished by the lack of a toothed mesolateral margin on the inferior appendage, the cerci being thin and elongate in dorsal view, and the phallus having an elongate lateral process at midlength.

Male. Length 1.8 mm. Head without modification. Antennae simple with 18 segments. Body and wings brown in alcohol, forewing with numerous bands of white hairs. Abdominal segments without modifications. Segments VII and VIII annular, without ventromesal process. Segment IX triangular in lateral view, anterior portion within segment VIII, posterior margin rounded dorsally, laterally widening posteroventrally. Preanal appendage (cercus) rectanguloid in lateral view, rounded distally; in dorsal view thin and elongate, distally rounded; dorsolateral hook elongate, curving downward to blunt apex in lateral view; in dorsal view narrow over length, curving distally to acute point. Segment X shelf-like laterally, narrowing posteroventrally; in dorsal view round and setose, apex with thin, sclerotized band. Inferior appendages in lateral view triangular, basally elongate and thin to rounded apex, dorsally rounded, inner surface with band of sclerotized teeth; in dorsal and ventral views wide basally, sharply narrowing near midlength on outer surface to acute apex, tooth-like band on dorsal surface near base. Phallus long and thin, wide basally, with elongate lateral process near midlength, apical portion short and bulbous, narrow sinuate spine basally, ejaculatory duct extending slightly beyond phallic apex; in lateral view, basal spine projecting above tubular portion.

Female. Unknown.

Type material. Holotype, male— Panama, Bocas del Toro Province, Quebrada Rambala, near Rambala Jungle Lodge , 3.74 km SSE Rambala, 8.91627°N and 82.15469°W, 120 m, Malaise trap, June 12–15, 2017, E. Carlson. GoogleMaps

Etymology. We take great pleasure in naming this species for Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the television show Jeopardy!, which the authors have enjoyed for many years.













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