Tetrastichus doczkali, Hansson & Schmidt, 2020

Hansson, Christer & Schmidt, Stefan, 2020, A revision of European species of the genus Tetrastichus Haliday (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) using integrative taxonomy, Biodiversity Data Journal 8, pp. 59177-59177: 59177

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Tetrastichus doczkali

sp. n.

Tetrastichus doczkali   ZBK   sp. n.


Type status: Holotype. Occurrence: occurrenceDetails: http://www.boldsystems.org/index.php/API_Public/specimen?ids=BC-ZSM-HYM-21585-G01; catalogNumber: BC-ZSM-HYM-21585-G01; recordNumber: BC-ZSM-HYM-21585-G01; recordedBy: D. Doczkal; individualID: BC-ZSM-HYM-21585-G01; individualCount: 1; sex: female; lifeStage: adult; Taxon: scientificName: Tetrastichusdoczkali; phylum: Arthropoda; class: Insecta; order: Hymenoptera; family: Eulophidae; genus: Tetrastichinae; taxonRemarks: Holotype deposited in ZSM; Location: country: Germany; decimalLatitude: 47.554; decimalLongitude: 7.67; Record Level: type: PhysicalObject; language: en; institutionCode: ZSM; basisOfRecord: PreservedSpecimen GoogleMaps  


FEMALE holotype (Fig. 61). Body length 2.5 mm. Head. Width/length in dorsal view 2.3, width/length in frontal view 1.3, POL/OOL 2.3, widths head/mesosoma 1.0, mouth width/malar space 1.1, malar space/eye height 0.7. Antenna. Scape length/eye height 0.9, pedicel+flagellum length/mesosoma width 1.2, length/width F1, F2, F3 2.4, 2.1, 1.8, clava length/width 3.1, lengths pedicel/F1 0.7, lengths F1/F2 1.0, F1/F3 1.1, lengths F1, F2, F3/clava 0.7, 0.6, 0.6, widths F1/pedicel (dorsal view) 1.1, lengths antennal spicule/C3 0.2. Mesosoma. Length/width 1.3, mesoscutal mid-lobe length/width 0.9 (width measured in anterior part), mid-lobe with complete median groove, with six adnotaular setae on each side, lengths mesoscutum/scutellum (measured medially) 1.3, mesoscutellum length/width 0.9, length/width of enclosed space between submedian lines 2.4, distance between SMG/distance between SMG and SLG 1.4, lengths dorsellum/propodeum 0.5, propodeum with strong reticulation, propodeal callus with four setae. Fore wing. Costal cell length/width 8.0, lengths costal cell/marginal vein 0.9, lengths marginal/stigmal veins 3.5. Gaster. Elongate, length/width 2.6, lengths gaster/mesosoma 1.6, Gt7 length/width 0.8, length of longest cercal seta to next longest seta 1.8, longest cercal seta evenly curved, ovipositor sheaths reaching beyond apex of Gt7.

Colour. Head and mesosoma black with golden-green tinges, gaster dark brown with metallic tinges, scape yellowish-brown with dorsal edge pale brown, pedicel brown with dorsal part dark brown, flagellum dark brown, tegulae dark brown, wing venation yellowish-white, fore and mid coxae dark brown and hind coxa concolorous with body, trochanters and femora dark brown, tibiae yellowish-brown, tibiae yellowish-white.

MALE. Unknown.


Similar to T. agrilocidus   , but differs in having a longer distance between posterior ocelli and with shorter F1 and F2.


Named after the collector of the species, Dieter Doczkal (ZSM).







Holotype deposited in ZSM.