Pyrrhiades anchises jucunda (Butler)

Cock, Matthew J. W., 2010, 2547, Zootaxa 2547, pp. 1-63: 23-24

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Pyrrhiades anchises jucunda (Butler)


Pyrrhiades anchises jucunda (Butler)   ( Figure 12)

The only confirmed food plant of ssp. jucunda   is Acridocarpus orientalis   , a small tree in the Malpighiaceae   ( Larsen & Larsen 1980; Cock 2010a). Larsen (1983) quotes an early report that Ficus sp.   ( Moraceae   ) is a food plant of ssp. jucunda   on Socotra, but he considers this likely to be an error and I agree. It has been suggested that in Arabia, it would not be difficult to confuse the two trees in the field in the absence of flowering or fruit (G. Feulner, pers. comm. 2008). The life history is described and illustrated by Cock (2010a), and pictures of the mature caterpillar are included here for comparison ( Figure 12).


The body markings and colouring of ssp. jucunda   are consistent, but the head markings are variable. The caterpillar comes close to Form 1 of ssp. anchises   , although the dorsal line and the head spots are weaker. This provides some support for the current treatment of subspecies.