Ayacucho roeweri, Benedetti & Pinto-da-Rocha, 2022

Benedetti, Alipio Rezende & Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo, 2022, Systematic revision and total evidence phylogenetic analysis of the Andean family Metasarcidae Kury, 1994 (Opiliones: Laniatores), with description of two new genera and twenty new species, Arthropod Systematics & amp; Phylogeny 80, pp. 309-388 : 309

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Ayacucho roeweri

nom. nov.

3.18. Ayacucho roeweri nom. nov.

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Cajacaybia spinigera Roewer, 1957: 74 (desc.), figs. 27 (dorsal habitus), 28 (pedipalpus); Kury, 2003: 144 (cat.).


FEMALE: Measurements (n =1) DWS: 3.6; DSL: 4.0; CL: 1.4. FIVL: 3.5. ChL: 1.3. Coloration (in ethanol): Uniformly yellowish (reddish-brown, in the original description), with darker spots on the carapace, especially behind ocularium and legs. Dorsum: (Fig. 2H View Figure 2 ) Alpha-type DSS, with wide coda. Anterior margin of dorsal scutum with a median elevation; with granules sparsely distributed on the lateral regions of DS. Ocularium with a pair of long spines; with granules sparsely distributed. Carapace with few granules in lateral regions to predominantly smooth near its posterior margin. Areas I-IV with granules sparsely distributed; I with a paramedian pair of tubercles; II-IV with a median pair of small tubercles, of equal size, but larger than those on area I. Lateral margins of dorsal scutum with granules sparsely distributed. Posterior margin of dorsal scutum with a row of larger blunt tubercles, with a more acuminate median tubercle, interspersed with smaller tubercles. Free tergites I-II with a row of small blunt tubercles, with a large median acuminate tubercle, projecting backwards. Free tergite III with a row of granules and a median pair of acuminate tubercles that are smaller than those on tergites I-II. Chelicerae. (Fig. 2H View Figure 2 ) Not swollen. Segment I granulate. Segment II predominantly smooth, two teeth on the finger. Segment III with three teeth. Pedipalpus . Small granules distributed on the dorsal surface of the femur. Trochanter with a ventrodistal setiferous tubercle. Femur with a row of five tiny ventral tubercles, slightly larger than the dorsal ones. Tibia: prolateral III, retrolateral iiIi. Tarsus: prolateral IIii, retrolateral iIiii. Venter. Coxae I-IV smooth. Between the coxae II-III and III-IV with a minute tubercle on the apical part. Genital area smooth. Free sternites without granules. Anal operculum smooth. Legs. (Fig. 2H View Figure 2 ) Coxae I-II each with one prolateral and one retrolateral apophysis; III with prolateral apophysis; IV with granules distributed throughout its surface, and a prodistal apophysis with acuminate apex. Trochanters I-III smooth; IV with few dorsal median granules and a retroapical acuminate tubercle. Femora I-III with few granules sparsely distributed; IV densely granulate; with a retrolateral row of 10 small acuminate tubercles. Patellae-tibiae I-IV smooth. Tarsal segmentation: (n =1) 7, 12, 8, 8. - MALE: unknown.


It differs from other species of the genus with known females by having a high median spine in the free tergites I-II (Fig. 2H View Figure 2 ).


Considering that Cajacaybia spinigera and Palcares spiniger were described in the same work ( Roewer 1957), we established the precedence of Palcares spiniger name (Art. 24.2 of ICZN). Therefore, since they are both species in the genus Ayacucho , Cajacaybia spinigera Roewer, 1957 is a secondary homonym of Palcares spiniger Roewer, 1957 and must be replaced. Consequently, we create Ayacucho roeweri nom. nov. as a replacement name for Roewer’s name.

Derivatio nominis.

The specific epithet of masculine gender, in the genitive form, dedicated to the German arachnologist Carl Friedrich Roewer (1881-1963), the author of original name in secondary homonymy.


(Fig. 28 View Figure 28 ) PERU. Ancash. Cajacay.

Material examined.

Type material: Hototype ♀, ' PERU. Ancash. Cajacay, Rio Fortaleza , 2,700 m a.s.l., 5/III/1956, Weyrauch leg. (SMF RII 11645 View Materials /28) .














Ayacucho roeweri

Benedetti, Alipio Rezende & Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo 2022

Cajacaybia spinigera

Benedetti & Pinto-da-Rocha 2022